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San Fernando, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For San Fernando, CA Properties

Los Angeles might be the most famous city in California, but the city of San Fernando may be a close second! This highly desirable neighborhood is surrounded by the City of Angels and has some of the best proximity to their events, festivals, and city lights views. About 25,000 people live in the homes and apartments here in San Fernando, many of them aspiring to make it big in the world of Hollywood.

Some of these residents have already risen to stardom, such as comedian George Lopez and TV personality Paula Abdul. Above all, the people of San Fernando want to be free to pursue their dreams. But it can be difficult to overcome obstacles that get in the way, including the presence of rampant pest activity. Infestations of unwanted creatures keep your business from reaching its full potential, crushing your dreams of the future and limiting your ability to succeed.

All of this changes with Ventura Pest Control. We use a very simple formula to get and keep San Fernando residents safe from pests: regular treatments, knowledgeable inspections, and total integrity. This has allowed us to serve home and business owners with our Los Angeles County pest control for over 63 years, all without a hitch. We don’t just control pests around your property: we keep them out for good! Learn more by chatting with us online now.

Home Pest Control In San Fernando, CA

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Your home may need a little more than just good intentions. Out here in San Fernando, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to pass 100 degrees several days in a row. This is intolerable heat for humans, but just the right weather for pests. The Valley area of LA never experiences true winter, which allows pests to run rampant all over the area. Unless you are protecting your home with professional pest control, you may be risking much more than just your comfort.

Residential pest control plans from Ventura Pest Control were designed with San Fernando in mind. Our treatment systems specifically work against pests that are acclimated to our climate. Even if they may be difficult to root out, we make it happen every time. More than 10,000 satisfied homeowners trust our engaging treatment process, which begins and ends with your total satisfaction.

1. We inspect the yard for signs of pest activity. Infestation or not, we will report all our findings back to you as soon as possible.

2.Harnessing the power of science, we apply treatments that both eliminate pests and prevent them from ever returning. These products are safe for both interior and exterior use.

3. You have the option of one-time services or year-round protection. In either case, Ventura Pest

4. Control will use a pest-free guarantee to keep you safe!

Receive a free quote for residential pest control services with Ventura Pest Control now.

Commercial Pest Control In San Fernando, CA

When it comes to high-quality pest control, your business should mean business. Gone are the days of just letting things slide, sweeping things under the rug, and ignoring serious symptoms. The pests in San Fernando are becoming too big to ignore, and cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control efforts are simply not enough to keep them out. If you expect to work and support your business in a pest-free environment, you will need to invest in professional pest control treatments.

We know that your business matters to you more than anything, and at Ventura Pest Control, we have everything you need to keep it safe. After 62 years of service, we know what it takes to exterminate pests, and we have the commercial pest control services to prove it:

  • Emergency treatments from on-call technicians, anywhere, anytime.
  • Knowledgeable pest pros who are very familiar with specific species and techniques.
  • Pest monitoring stations that prevent infestations before they happen.

Get a leg up for your San Fernando business. Confirm your commercial pest control plan with our team today.

Wildlife Control: What San Fernando Homeowners Ought To Know

San Fernando may be close to the big city, but that doesn’t mean wildlife creatures can’t appear from time to time. Truthfully, there are only three major species of wildlife that plague homes in the Valley: raccoons, pest birds, and rodents. Here are some things that you should know about wildlife creatures: 

  • The vast majority of wildlife species carry serious diseases. If you are bitten or scratched by any of them, it’s best to report to your doctor immediately.
  • Wildlife species tend to be aggressive. If they are approached by a human or pet, they will likely respond violently.
  • You can find wildlife species in almost every location in San Fernando.

Schedule an inspection with Ventura Pest Control to get started with our wildlife control service today.

How To Avoid Gophers & Ground Squirrels On Commercial Properties In San Fernando

Nobody likes creatures that destroy lawns, even on commercial properties. Here’s how to avoid gophers and ground squirrels around your business:

Problems Pigeons Cause In San Fernando

Often called "flying rats", pigeons are unsanitary pests. They get into dumpsters, garbage cans, garbage heaps, and other dirty places in search of food sources. In these dirty places, they pick up harmful microorganisms. While they may be pretty birds, it isn't good to have them around.

It is particularly bad to have them getting into structures on your property. Along with their ability to pick up and spread dangerous microorganisms, pigeons also create issues by leaving their droppings in many places.

  • Pigeon droppings present a health concern.

  • Droppings left on sidewalks and walkways are a slipping hazard.

  • Bird droppings are acidic and corrosive. They can eat through certain building materials, such as concrete.

When pigeons, or other pest birds, start to become a problem, contact us at Ventura Pest Control for our bird control service. We install bird deterrent devices to scare birds away and exclude birds from getting inside.

What San Fernando Property Owners Should Know About Termite Swarmers

Every termite begins life as a worker. At the command of the queen, workers develop and take on other roles, such as soldiers, reproductives, or winged reproductives. The winged reproductives are called swarmers. They're given this name because they gather into a swarm during the mating process.

If you see swarmers on, or inside, your San Fernando property, there are a few things you should know:

  • If you find swarmers in your home, it is a sign of a severe infestation.

  • If you find swarmers on the outside of your home, you shouldn't shrug them off. Worker termites travel up to 100 yards in search of food. Swarmers don't generally fly more than 100 yards away from the nest in which they hatched.

  • You're not likely to see a termite swarm because swarms don't last for more than thirty minutes. Typically, property owners find the shed wings left by swarmers during the mating process.

  • A colony of termites can feed on your home for years before the nest produces swarmers. We don't recommend waiting to see swarmers before you take steps to protect your property.

If you need advice about termite protection and prevention, we can help. Our certified termite control professionals have the answers.

Why DIY Mice Control In San Fernando Is Seldom Successful

Mice are elusive pests. While incredibly curious and prone to investigating traps, they have many ways of avoiding mouse traps. They can cautiously eat all the food off a trap latch. They can quickly move out of the way of the arm on a spring trap. They may smell the oils from human skin on traps that have been touched and avoid those traps. There are a surprising number of ways mouse traps can fail. If you have success with your traps, another issue can keep you from getting control of mice. These little rodents reproduce quickly and are often able to grow their populations quicker than DIY rodent control can cull their populations.

Along with mouse traps, you may use other methods such as certain products to repel mice. While these products can have some success keeping mice out of sensitive areas, you're not going to be able to deter a determined mouse. The best solution for mouse control is to hire an experienced and trained rodent control professional. We have a few of those on staff here at Ventura Pest Control. Reach out to us, we can help you solve your rodent control issue.

A Handy Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For San Fernando Property Owners

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. They don't live on your lawn. They don't explore your landscaping. And they don't get in through tiny gaps in your exterior. If you hope to keep bed bugs out of your San Fernando home or business, you need to be proactive. If you are a San Fernando resident, you have many options for bed bug prevention, such as:

  • When you stay somewhere away from home, keep luggage outside your room or store it in the bathroom as you perform a bed bug inspection. Look for black fecal spotting, shed insect skins, tiny white eggs, or bed bug activity. Look in tight spaces. Use a debit card to drag along the seams of mattresses. Inspect the stitching on upholstered furniture. Examine baseboards and outlet covers for black streaks.

  • While away from home, protect your laundry by putting laundry items in a sealed plastic bag.

  • When you return from being away, run all your laundry through a hot wash and a dryer cycle. Heat exterminates bed bugs in all stages of development.

  • Perform routine inspections of your home to catch bed bugs early.

If you are a San Fernando business owner, it is more difficult to keep bed bugs out because employees and customers can bring them into your business. What you need is a bed bug action plan that includes:

  • Routine inspections - performed by a professional.

  • Appropriate treatments - applied by a professional as needed.

  • Staff training - to detect bed bugs early.

  • Staff training - to appropriately respond to customer fears and concerns.

At Ventura Pest Control, we perform heat remediation treatments and fumigations to address bed bug infestations. If you need advice or service, connect with us today. We're here to help with our bed bug control service


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