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Wildlife Control In Ventura, CA

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Wildlife Concerns For Ventura County Residents

When people think about the natural beauty of Southern California, they rarely think about the negative aspects associated with our desirable climate. However, if you’ve been in the Ventura County area as long as we have, you realize the downside of being so close to nature.

In the midst of natural beauty, there are always dangers and nuisances surrounding your property line, waiting to invade as soon as they get the chance. The more you learn about the wildlife worries that plague many Ventura County residents, the more you’ll realize why wildlife prevention isn’t something you want to attempt on your own.


Health Dangers & Home Damage

a skunk on the grass

While you may enjoy the Southern California scenery, failing to keep wildlife off of your property can quickly lead to expensive property damage and dangerous situations. Coyotes, for instance, are some of the most dangerous property invaders in the area, known to attack pets in yards and even threaten adults and children at times.

There are also skunks, that, along with an unbearable smelling-spray, can severely irritate your eyes and even cause long-term damage. Other invasive animals, like raccoons, foxes, and rodents, can introduce parasites onto your property like ticks and fleas, along with rooting through your trash and making a mess of the yard. Many rodents are also known to chew holes in the sides of houses and create nests in attics and basements, quickly putting occupants and items inside the home at risk.

Proper Prevention Solutions

While keeping your yard clear of clutter and a tightly secured lid on your outdoor trash cans will help reduce your chances of an infestation, there is no replacement for professional assurances. In your struggle against the dangerous Ventura County wildlife, you shouldn’t trust your home and family to your own attempts at wildlife prevention, and you shouldn’t trust just any pest control company either.

At Ventura Pest Control, we have over 60 years of experience dealing with the local pests. Plus, we offer a wide variety of solutions that will cater to your specific needs. If you’re experiencing wildlife problems, our first step will be to place traps in the areas of highest probability. Our highly trained service technicians can find out which kind of pest is plaguing your property and figure out exactly where to place the traps.

We check these traps every weekday, and we’ll leave traps up for a week to ensure that we’ve caught all of the problem pests. Once we’ve captured them, we’ll take care of them in accordance with the state laws for that particular animal.

Once the problem is gone, you can shift your focus to exclusion. Our wildlife exclusion packages will vary based on your property, but we can provide guaranteed assurances against wildlife activity. These wildlife inclusion packages include the latest in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) preventative measures suggested by our knowledgeable service technicians. Depending on your property, our exclusion packages include our pest-free guarantee for six months to a year. Within the warranty time, we’ll repair small damages made by any wildlife that get past our industry-leading exclusion methods.

The Ventura Pest Control Promise

We haven’t been able to satisfy over 10,000 Ventura County residents in our 60+ years of experience because of what we say. We’ve achieved this level of success because of our actions, our training, our expertise, and our commitment to customer-satisfaction above all else.

When you’re working with Ventura Pest Control service technicians, you will feel like their only priority. You’ll also be able to rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to keep your home and property safe from pest and wildlife problems. When you consider how dangerous wildlife can be to you and your family, and when you consider our proven track record of customer satisfaction, the choice is very simple. Call Ventura Pest Control at the first sign of wildlife problems.

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