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North Hollywood, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For North Hollywood, CA Properties

If you have pest problems on your North Hollywood property, they could lead to serious property damage and health hazards. Whether you are a home or business owner, allowing termites, rodents, roaches, or other pests to invade your property will almost always cost you in the long run.

That's why partnering with the right pest control professionals is so important. When you're looking for a pest control company, you don't want to be just another name to check off the list, and you want a pest control company that is very skilled and experienced  . That's why Ventura Pest Control provides the perfect intersection of personal attention and pest control expertise. We offer the following benefits to all of our North Hollywood area customers:

  • Completely free inspections
  • Over 60 years of industry and area experience
  • Customizable care
  • A proven pest-free guarantee

Call us today to schedule a free inspection with one of our pest control specialists.

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Home Pest Control
Our knowledgeable and friendly service technicians work hard to guarantee you a pest-free home.

Home Pest Control In North Hollywood, CA


As a homeowner in a place like North Hollywood, there are always going to be pest problems that you’ll need to deal with. Unfortunately, many pest problems are very difficult to get rid of on your own, and you might just make matters worse when you try.

To avoid the damage that termites and rodents can bring, along with the potential for health hazards that rodents, roaches, ants, and other local pests can bring to your property, partner with the most experienced pest professionals in the industry and area. At Ventura Pest Control, we have a pest-free guarantee backed by decades of pest control experience. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Commercial Pest Control In North Hollywood, CA

As a business owner in North Hollywood, you can never be too careful about the way you protect your reputation from pest problems. When you incur a pest infestation, it may only be a matter of time before it winds up on social media, affecting hundreds of potential customers.

Instead of putting everything you worked so hard for at risk, why not partner with a pest professional that can give you the guaranteed protection you’ve been looking for? With over 60 years of protecting North Hollywood area businesses, Ventura Pest Control has everything we need to stand behind our pest-free guarantee with confidence, no matter what kind of business you run. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection with one of our commercial pest control experts.

Rodent Control: Helpful Tips For North Hollywood Homeowners

In a place like North Hollywood, there are almost as many rodent problems as there are people. From mice to rats, chipmunks, and more, local rodents are numerous and problematic. These pests will chew and squeeze their way through almost any sort of construction material, creating all kinds of damage to your home and stored goods once they enter. Unfortunately, rodents will also spread dangerous bacteria around your property and introduce harmful parasites to your home. That’s why rodent prevention is key. Here are the best things you can do on your own to avoid rodent problems:

  • Maintain the lawn properly.
  • Keep low-traffic areas of the home free of clutter.
  • Store food and trash properly. 
  • Clean regularly to avoid loose crumbs.
  • Partner with a Ventura pest control professional.

Unfortunately, if you do have a rodent problem, it can vary be very difficult to control it on your own due to the rapid rate of reproduction that all rodents have in common. That’s why your store-bought traps and poisons may not be able to keep up. Instead of putting your home and family at risk of a dangerous and destructive rodent infestation, call the professionals at Ventura Pest Control for a free inspection at the first sign of rodents.

What Brings Ants To North Hollywood Properties?

Ants can be some of the most frustrating home invaders in the North Hollywood area. They are a health hazard in the yard and they can spread dangerous bacteria in your home. Unfortunately, since they are very small and resourceful, keeping them out of your house is very difficult to do if they want to get in. That's why reducing their attraction to your property is the best method of ant control that you can do on your own. Here are a few of the most common attractants for ants on North Hollywood properties:

  • Moisture problems in the yard and basement
  • Clutter in the garage
  • Poorly stored food and trash
  • Loose crumbs on the floors from irregular cleaning habits

While addressing these issues can help you reduce your chances of incurring a dangerous ant infestation, nothing provides a guarantee the way our experienced Ventura Pest Control technicians can. If you really want to keep ants off of your property, then schedule a free inspection with one of our residential pest control experts today.

Three Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your North Hollywood Home

The dangers of bed bugs around North Hollywood have been well documented.  These parasitic pests feed on the blood of humans, pets, and other wildlife creatures and are notoriously difficult to get rid of as well.

If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, it's important to act fast.

Here are three easy-to-spot signs of bed bugs:

  1. Reddish Brown Spots: Bed bugs excrete reddish-brown waste that can often be found on bedsheets, mattresses, and other areas where they've been feeding.
  2. Blood Stains: Another telltale sign of bed bugs are bloodstains on your sheets or clothing. These are usually left behind after the pests have fed.
  3. Egg Casings: Bed bugs lay their eggs in small casings that can often be found in the crevices of furniture or on mattresses.

Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate without professional assistance. The longer you wait to receive treatments, the larger your infestation woes may become. If you spot any of these signs in your home, feel free to call Ventura Pest Control at your earliest convenience and get started on our effective bed bug control services.

How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem In Your North Hollywood Home

Cockroach infestations aren't always easy to spot at first. These nocturnal creatures can spread disease, contaminate food, and cause a general feeling of unease in your home. For business owners, the rapid spread and breeding cycles of cockroaches can contribute to several issues, not the least of which include failed health inspections and dissatisfied customers.

If you think or know that some pest activity is encroaching upon your North Hollywood home, it may help to start searching for some possible signs and symptoms of a cockroach infestation.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Droppings: Cockroaches will leave behind small, dark droppings wherever they travel. These may be found on countertops, in drawers, or near baseboards.
  • Smear Marks: Cockroaches also leave behind smear marks as they travel along surfaces. These smudges are usually brown or black in color and may be found on walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Odd Odors: Cockroaches emit a musty, oily smell that can often be detected when an infestation is present.

If you suspect that cockroaches are present in your North Hollywood home or business, know that Ventura Pest Control is standing by to help. It only takes a quick call to access cockroach control at a glance.

Why Pigeons In North Hollywood Are Worse Than You May Think

Pigeons might seem like harmless or even innocent creatures in the North Hollywood area, but these avians can actually cause a great deal of damage to your home or business.

Pigeons are known to roost and nest on ledges, in HVAC units, and even inside attics and crawl spaces. Their droppings slick stairways and sidewalks, leading to crippling falls and other damages. Worse still, the diseases spread through their droppings could cause health problems for people and pets alike.

There are many other types of household damage caused by pigeon infestations in North Hollywood, such as:

  • Thick or extensive nesting patterns can cause electronics to overheat and break down, and even cause fire hazards in certain circumstances.
  • Pigeons roosting in crawl spaces or near entryways can track dirt, grime, and other contaminants into your home.
  • Any pigeon that dies or becomes trapped in the home may cause foul odors
  • Long term pigeon infestations can attract unwanted pests such as flies, mites, and more.

If you give pigeons an inch, they're likely to take a mile. Stop leaving your home up to whim and chance and fight back against pigeon infestations with some help from Ventura Pest Control. Fast, simple, and effective bird control is always available to help.

Preventing Carpenter Bees From Invading Your North Hollywood Home This Summer

The Carpenter bee has become one of North Hollywood's greatest wood-destruction threats. These bees bore into any exposed wood to create a home for larvae, causing structural instability and inducing mold growth. What's more, carpenter bees often travel in groups; if you see one, there's a good chance there are more close at hand.

  • Despite their prevalence in the area, there are clear steps you can take to prevent carpenter bees from taking over your North Hollywood home. Here's what to do:
  • Carpenter bees are attracted to weathered or unpainted wood, so do what you can to treat or re-stain any exposed wood on your property.
  • Check for any existing damage to the wood and repair it as soon as possible. If full replacements are necessary, chat with a local handyman.
  • Consider partnering with Ventura Pest Control for long-term carpenter bee management.
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