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Chatsworth, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For Chatsworth, CA Properties

If you own property in the Chatsworth area, you know it can be very difficult to keep pests out of your home or business. Unfortunately, the local pests are not only very invasive, but they can also be incredibly destructive or dangerous. That's why trying to take care of pest problems on your own almost always costs you far more in the long run than partnering with an experienced professional. 

If you're looking for the guarantees that come with industry and area experience, then look no further. Ventura Pest Control has the following to offer all of our residential and commercial pest control clients in the Chatsworth area:

  • Over six decades of pest control experience
  • A proven pest-free guarantee
  • Emergency pest control services 
  • Free inspections and estimates

Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection with one of our residential or commercial Los Angeles County pest control technicians.

Home Pest Control In Chatsworth, CA

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Owning a home in the Chatsworth area forces you to protect your property from a variety of destructive or dangerous pests. From ants to cockroaches, rodents, and termites, any of the local pests will pose a significant threat to your home or family if the problem isn't taken care of promptly.

That's why partnering with experienced pest professionals at Ventura Pest Control will be the most effective method to protect everything that matters most to you. With over six decades in the industry and area, we can provide the pest-free guarantee that you can count on when your home and family are under threat.

Give us a call today to schedule a completely free inspection and get started with our reliable residential pest control service.

Commercial Pest Control In Chatsworth, CA

If you are managing a business in the Chatsworth area, then protecting your facility from invasive pests could mean the difference between a profitable future for your company or a ruined reputation in the community. Thanks to social media, one pest sighting in your facility could affect hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

That's why Ventura Pest Control provides experienced commercial pest control at affordable rates. Our commercial pest control services for the Chatsworth area include a pest-free guarantee and emergency pest control services for the urgent, pop-up pest problems that you can't allow your customers to witness. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection and get a free estimate on pest control provided by the most experienced experts in Chatsworth.

What Is The Most Effective Rodent Control Method In Chatsworth?

The rodents in the Chatsworth area are some of the most frustrating pests in all of California. From mice to rats, chipmunks, squirrels, and more, rodents have a variety of features in common that make them very difficult to keep out of your home and even more difficult to get rid of once they’re in.

Rodents feature two front teeth that are very sharp and constantly growing, giving them the ability to chew through almost any construction material and the desire to continue chewing on almost everything within your home once they invade. They also have very flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze through tiny gaps around the structure, which they can widen with their sharp teeth. Rodents will also reproduce very rapidly within your walls, making it very difficult to keep up with their rate of infestation with store-bought methods like traps and poison.

If you allow a rodent infestation to linger, you might put yourself at risk of dangerous diseases, harmful parasites, or even the rabies virus. That's why the most effective form of rodent control in the Chatsworth area is partnering with a Ventura Pest Control residential technician. With innovative trapping and monitoring systems, along with a proven pest-free guarantee, we have everything we need to keep your home and family safe from these invasive pests. Give us a call today to schedule a free rodent inspection.

Here's How You Might Be Attracting Pest Birds To Your Chatsworth Property

While Chatsworth may be full of enjoyable nature, many of the local birds can be very problematic on your property. Unfortunately, pest birds like starlings, pigeons, and many more will deteriorate the value of your structure with their toxic feces, spread bacteria around the property, and even create a slip-and-fall hazard.

You may be attracting pest birds to your property with improperly stored food, unsecured outdoor trash, or moisture control problems around the property. Plus, inconsistent lawn, shrubbery, and tree maintenance will attract unwanted bird attention as well. Unfortunately, even managing these factors can still leave you exposed to a dangerous pest bird infestation.

The most effective form of pest bird control in the Chatsworth area is partnering with a Ventura Pest Control pest bird specialist. We have decades of experience dealing with local pest birds, and our pest-free guarantee can assure you that you will always get your money’s worth. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection with one of our pest bird specialists.

How To Tell If Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Chatsworth Home

There are many ways to tell that you are dealing with a bed bug infestation. Some are obvious. Some are not so obvious.

  • If bed bugs are allowed to stay in your home long enough, you'll start to have numerous red bumps on your skin. This isn't a great way to detect bed bugs because it doesn't provide early detection and control.

  • If you find a group of bites on your skin (about 3-15) you may be seeing signs of an early infestation. Each individual bed bug typically bites three times. Fifteen bites in one area on your skin, or in a path across your skin, is an indication that you have at least five bed bugs. If you only find three bites, that is the best situation. You may be looking at bites from a single adult bed bug that hitchhiked into your home.

  • Bed bugs leave their excrement as they roam. You may see black fecal spotting on pillowcases, sheets, bedding, or furniture fabrics. You may see black streaks on wooden furniture, electronics, baseboards, crown molding, outlets, and other surfaces.

  • Bed bugs shed their skins as they develop. You may bring these skins to the surface if you use a probing tool to examine the seams of mattresses or box springs.

  • Bed bugs create an odor. The longer these insects remain in your home, the more you're going to notice this odor. Some describe it as smelling like a locker room towel. Yes, it's unpleasant.

When you detect bed bugs, it is best to get a professional bed bug control service to address your problem. Do-it-yourself treatments often fall short. If you need advice, reach out to Ventura Pest Control for assistance in Chatsworth.

How Dangerous Are The Termites In Chatsworth?

Termites aren't dangerous to people but they can present a danger to the bank account of a human. Guarding against termite damage is a lot like guarding against any of the surprise challenges of life, such as health issues, a house fire, flood damage, tornado damage, etc.

We can't tell you how much damage termites will do to your Chatsworth home over the course of the many years you own it, all we can tell you is that termite damage can accumulate and the costs can present a serious financial strain. It is far better to invest in professional termite control. If you do, you decide how much you will allow termites to cost. In fact, you can put that cost right into your budget.

Preventing Fall House Spiders In Chatsworth

Spiders aren't bothered by drops in temperature, but they tend to get into Chatsworth homes when temperatures dip. This is because they go where their food is found. Chilly January nights can drive insects into your home and spiders are likely to be right behind them. You can prevent this in two ways.

1. Reduce Spider Populations

If you have fewer spiders around your home, you'll have fewer spiders trying to get inside. Remove webs and spider egg sacs to reduce the number of spiders on your property. Take time to also address insect populations by replacing white lights with yellow lights, addressing moisture issues, removing wood debris, and dealing quickly with flowering weed issues.

2. Seal Entry Points

If spiders don't see obvious openings that lead into your home, they may stay outside. Use a caulking gun to seal gaps and holes. Replace weatherstripping and door sweeps that don't create a complete seal. Cover potential entry points with a screen material.

If you apply these steps, you shouldn't have a problem with spiders during the winter months unless conditions on your property are creating higher than normal spider pressures. If this is the case, reach out to Ventura Pest Control for spider control in Chatsworth.

The Problem With Gophers On Your Chatsworth Property

When a gopher problem begins, it might not seem like much of a problem. You may notice a hole in your lawn or landscaping or maybe a hole that leads under a shed. It probably won't be long before you start noticing plant damage. These pests eat certain plants found in landscaping.

If you have a garden, you're going to have even more trouble. As the gopher takes over your lawn, it is going to start making dirt piles in your yard. If you spread these dirt piles out, it can kill your grass and create dead patches. When you go to mow your lawn, you may start to have clouds of dust. As your gopher problem persists, the animal may start tunneling under foundation slabs and you may notice cracks appearing.

So, while a gopher problem might not be much at first, it can turn into a whole lot of trouble. It is best to deal with these furry animals as soon as you notice activity. If you're in Chatsworth, reach out to Ventura Pest Control for IPM-based, industry-leading gopher control.


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