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A not-so-secret neighborhood in the center of the San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park is a stunningly beautiful area in Los Angeles. The city is filled with history both old and new, surrounded by exciting things to do and see at all hours of the day. The community averages at a balmy 80 degrees for most of the year, and experiences very little in the way of rainfall or heavy downpours. The unique and mild temperatures of Canoga Park allow creatures of all types to thrive. This also includes the city’s many pest species, some of which are dangerous to human habitation. Between rats, bed bugs, and mosquitoes, there seems to be no end to the pest threat in our area.

Canoga Park may suffer from pest infestations semi-regularly, but the team at Ventura Pest Control has been providing unique, custom-tailored solutions since 1959. We have spent more than half a decade refining our approach to pest control and doing everything we can to make your experience the best one ever. Give us a call to learn more about our pest control solutions, or complete the contact form to get in touch with a representative as soon as possible.

House in Canoga Park

Home Pest Control In Canoga Park, CA

Your home and family are worth protecting. Why leave it up to chance with pests that could attack any time?

Residential pest control plans from Ventura Pest Control were designed to be simple, affordable, and extremely efficient. Our programs target the source of your pest problems to ensure they never return, while simultaneously protecting you against future attacks. We offer services for dozens of common pests in Canoga Park and have never taken on a challenge we couldn’t handle. Here's how our service plan might look for you:

  • Initial inspection
  • Treatment development
  • Product application
  • Monitoring results
  • Ongoing protection

Get safety, security, and peace of mind for your family with Ventura Pest Control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Canoga Park, CA

No one is immune to pest infestations, and when it comes to commercial businesses in Canoga Park, not a single industry is exempt. Customers in Canoga Park expect the very best from their businesses. Sadly, even a single pest has the ability to destroy your hard-won reputation, customer loyalty, and employee retention. Ventura Pest Control is proud to serve businesses in the following industries: 

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Offices
  • Retail

Call today to see how Ventura Pest Control could design a commercial pest control plan just for you.

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Are Bed Bug Control Home Remedies Effective In Canoga Park?

Canoga Park experiences a high volume of traffic during the tourist season. This brings about opportunities for increased revenue, business booms, and the occasional bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can infest both residential and commercial buildings, hitchhiking from one person to the next with relative ease. These pests latch onto the bags, backpacks, and personal belongings of other humans to find their next succulent meal. Once they have established themselves within a mattress, electrical socket, or appliance, they will be difficult to remove.

Many bed bug control home remedies are not effective, especially for homeowners in Canoga Park. Vinegar sprays and essential oil mixes do little if anything to dissuade bug populations, while over-the-counter products may be toxic and dangerous. The best way to prevent bed bugs in the home is to keep them out in the first place. If the pests have already arrived in the area, the next best step will be to invest in the bed bug control services of Ventura Pest Control today.

All The Ways Rodents Get Into Canoga Park Homes

The main species of rodents present on Canoa Park properties are Norway rats, house mice, and the occasional squirrel. Norway rats are extremely large rodents, best characterized by their blunt snouts, tiny ears, and scaly tails. House mice are entirely reliant on human activity to survive and can be seen in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, and many other spaces. Finally, squirrels can be spotted infiltrating chimneys to gain access to the walls, attics, and eaves of your home. Rodents can get into your residential building in many ways:

  • Rodents can fit through holes in the wall that are roughly the size of a quarter. If they can fit their heads through the gap, the rest of them will follow.
  • Rodents, especially roof rats, can climb into homes from above rather than below.
  • Any open windows, doors, or compromised screens will let rodents get into the house.

Frequent checks for rodents in your home should be enough to put your mind at ease. However, should you think or know that rats and mice could be inside the home, contact Ventura Pest Control right away. We can provide some emergency pest services if necessary. 

All The Different Ants That Can Invade Your Canoga Park Home

Many different types of ants can invade your home in Canoga Park, and each one can cause its own set of problems. Here are some of the most common ants you might encounter:

  • Carpenter Ants: Named for their habit of burrowing into the wood, which can damage your home's structure. Carpenter ants are also known for their sweet tooth and will eat just about anything.
  • Pavement Ants: These ants live in colonies under sidewalks and driveways. They travel long distances searching for food and can infest your home if they find their way inside.
  • Odorous House Ants: These ants are tiny and black and give off a strong, musty odor when disturbed. They often nest in damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms and can contaminate food sources.
  • Fire Ants: These ants get their name from their tendency to sting en masse. They're aggressive, territorial, and deliver painful stings.

If you require ant control in Canoga Park, don't settle for anything less than the best. For 63 years now, Ventura Pest Control has been helping homeowners get rid of unwanted pests. 

Being a local business, we're familiar with all the different pests that can invade your home. We also have the latest and most effective treatments available to quickly and safely remove any pest infestation. 

What's the reason behind our success and longevity? Our commitment to customer satisfaction. We consistently wow our customers with extraordinarily friendly, professional, and competitively priced services.

What You Should Do About Bird Problems Around Canoga Park

Birds can be beautiful creatures, but they can also be a nuisance when they start invading your home or yard. Some of the risks associated with birds include:

  • Droppings can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that contaminate food sources and cause health problems.
  • Birds can damage your home or property by pecking at roofing and siding. They can also build nests that can cause structural damage.
  • An occassional bird can be fun to watch but too man can also become very loud and annoying. 

If you're experiencing bird problems around Canoga Park, there are a few things you can do to try to get rid of them, including:

  • Install bird netting or spikes to keep birds from landing on your property.
  • Remove potential food sources, like pet food bowls, fruit trees, and bird feeders.
  • Scare birds away with loud noises or predator decoys.

If these methods don't work, it might be time to call a professional bird control company. Anyone who has ever dealt with a pest bird infestation knows how stressful and overwhelming it can be. 

But don't worry - Ventura Pest Control is here to help. 

We've been assisting home and business owners who want to get rid of unwanted birds for since 1959s. We have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. So if you need pest control in Canoga Park, give us a call today.

Cockroach Prevention Tips For Canoga Park Residents 

Cockroaches are one of the most prevalent pests in Canoga Park. They can be a real nuisance when they start invading your home. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also contaminate food sources and spread diseases like:

  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Leptospirosis

Cockroaches are also known to cause asthma and other respiratory problems in children and adults. 

If you're having a problem with cockroaches, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from coming into your home, including:

  • Eliminate food and water sources.
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter.
  • Install cockroach traps and bait stations.
  • Use an insecticide spray or dust.

Even with these measures, you might still find that you're unable to get rid of the cockroaches on your own. That's why it's crucial to call in an expert cockroach control firm like Ventura Pest Control. 

We have the tools, experience, and training necessary to eliminate even the most stubborn cockroach infestation.

Protecting Your Canoga Park Home And Family From Stinging Insects

Stinging insects can be a real menace in Canoga Park. They can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and in some cases, they can even be life-threatening. Some of the most common stinging insects in Canoga Park include:

  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow jackets

The last thing you'd ever expect is spending money on stinging insect control services, but they are one of the most common pest problems in Canoga Park. Let Ventura Pest Control's service technicians handle your stinging insect problem for you. 

As a family-owned and operated pest control firm, we understand the importance of protecting your home and family. That's why we only use EPA-approved and registered insecticides and pesticides. 

We also have years of experience dealing with stinging insects, so we know the most effective ways to get rid of them.

Call us today if you're experiencing a problem with stinging insects in Canoga Park.

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