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Professional Pest Solutions For Pacoima, CA Properties

If you own a home or business in Pacoima, it can be very difficult to keep pests off of your property. From invasive termites to disease-spreading cockroaches, rodents, ants, and more, there are too many pests for you to avoid problems on your own.

Fortunately for you and your home, business, or family, you can keep destructive and dangerous pests off of your property with the help of the most experienced pest control professionals in the area, all at affordable rates. At Ventura Pest Control, we have the following to offer our Pacoima area customers:

  • Over six decades of pest control experience
  • Innovative pest control technology
  • Free inspections for all of our services
  • A proven pest-free guarantee

Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection with one of our residential or commercial pest control experts.

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Home Pest Control In Pacoima, CA

Owning a home in the Pacoima area will often require you to deal with property damaging pests and pests that will endanger your family. That's why you can't waste your time on DIY pest control methods that only solve a fraction of the problem.

If you’re looking for comprehensive, guaranteed pest control solutions, partner with a Ventura Pest Control residential technician. With over 60 years of pest control experience, we have everything we need to stand behind our pest-free guarantee with confidence. Call us today to schedule a free inspection with one of our knowledgeable pest control professionals.

Commercial Pest Control In Pacoima, CA

If you own a business in a place like Pacoima, you have to be very careful about the way you protect your reputation in the community. Thanks to social media, your pest problems could become public knowledge very quickly, so you can’t put your trust in anything but guaranteed pest control provided by the most experienced pest technicians in the area.

At Ventura Pest Control, we have decades of industry and area experience, and we constantly train our staff in the latest in pest control technology. That’s why we can stand behind our pest-free guarantee and ensure you that your customers will never see pests in your facility. Give us a call today to schedule your free inspection with one of our commercial pest control experts.

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How To Control Pest Wildlife On Your Property In Pacoima

When you have wildlife issues on your property, it can be tempting to try to get rid of them on your own. Unfortunately, this will typically allow the infestation to linger, increasing your risk of property damage or health hazards to your family. The local invasive wildlife, such as deer, groundhogs, rodents, and more will not only mess up your yard and home, but they can also introduce dangerous parasites or diseases to your property.

That's why you can't waste your time on DIY pest control methods or store-bought traps when there are guaranteed solutions right down the road. We have the prompt response times that you need to keep your home and family safe, and we have decades of industry and area experience to back up our pest-free guarantee with confidence. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our pest control professionals.

Five Signs Of Termites For Pacoima Homeowners 

In a place like Pacoima, you can never be too careful about the way you protect your property from invasive termites. These pests will chew on the wooden portions of your home’s foundation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they will wind up doing thousands of dollars of damage over the course of 18 to 24 months. That's why recognizing the signs of a termite infestation is essential to avoiding the costly damage of a long-term infestation.

These signs include:

  • Mud tubes along foundation walls
  • Visible damage to exposed wood
  • Shed wings of termite swarmers around the property
  • Tightening around doors and windows
  • Soft clicking noises within the walls

If these signs seem foreign to you, that's because it can be very difficult to notice signs of a termite infestation on your own. We recommend a yearly professional termite inspection to check for signs of an infestation with a trained eye.

If you do notice these signs, keep in mind that there is almost nothing you can do on your own to eradicate an entire termite infestation. Store-bought sprays will only kill termites on contact, giving you a false sense of security and allowing the rest of the infestation to remain, putting your property at further risk that you may not even realize. That's why the best way to prevent and eradicate termites is to partner with a Ventura Pest Control termite expert. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced termite technicians.

Why Summer Cockroach Prevention Matters For Pacoima Homeowners

Summertime brings out Pacoima's temperate weather, cheery climate, and lovely seasonal rains. However, this marvelous time of year also brings out something else -- including the dangers of summer cockroaches.

Summer cockroach species can be extremely dangerous under certain circumstances. Their colonization process often happens without notice, making it difficult to spot them in time (or get rid of them effectively). Once summer cockroaches have taken over an area, they can begin the process of wreaking havoc from floor to floor.
There are many ways summer cockroaches cause problems around Pacoima, ranging from frustrating annoyances to downright dangers.

Some of the many dangers that these pests pose include:

  • Disease Transmission: Summer cockroach infestations can transmit various diseases, some of which can be deadly. Contagions can be transmitted through their feces, saliva, and even parts of their bodies.
  • Allergies and Asthma: Some people have shown signs of an allergic reaction after summer cockroach exposure. Asthma sufferers, in particular, are at risk of having a serious attack or experiencing difficulty breathing.
  • Property Damage: Cockroaches will eat just about anything, including human food, clothes, paper products, and other insects. Their fecal spots may cause staining or permanent marketings on clothing and linen.

If you think or know that any of the above signs are present in your Pacoima home, it will be high time to seek help for a summer cockroach infestation. Getting started is simple, especially with the high-quality response time of Ventura Pest Control. Simply get in touch with the team today to inquire about a potential cockroach treatment.

How To Identify Mole Damage Around Pacoima Homes And Lawns

Moles are small, burrowing animals that many people believe to only be active during the spring and summer. In actuality, moles can tunnel and forage for food anytime, including during the winter months. This means that mole damage in Pacoima is a very real possibility all year long!

There are several ways to identify the signs of mole damage around your Pacoima home or business.

Stay alert for signs and symptoms that include:

  • Mounded earth around your property: These small hills can be found all over your lawn or garden, and may even pop up in your flower beds.
  • Patches of discolored grass: This usually indicates that a mole has burrowed just beneath the surface, causing the grass to wilt or die.
  • Newly formed tunnels under the ground: These can be difficult to spot during the dry season, but will become evident after heavy rains or periods of drought.

If you are still struggling to identify the signs of mole damage around your property, Ventura Pest Control can help. We have decades of experience bringing mole relief to hundreds of clusters around Pacoima, and we would be honored to serve you as well. Call today to learn more about our mole treatment quotes!

Simple & Effective Spider Control Tips For Pacoima Property Owners

While most Pacoima spiders are relatively harmless to humans, there are a few species that can pose serious health threats. This is especially true of brown recluse and black widow spiders, both of which are found throughout the state of California.

Rather than attempting to identify the species around your lawn, it would be wise to impose some simple yet effective year-round spider control tips.

It all starts with mindful outdoor maintenance:

  • Clear the yard of excess debris, sticks, and leaf piles. Stack firewood at least 25 feet away from the sides of the home. Trim back any tree branches or shrubs that are touching the sides of your home.
  • Inspect the foundation of your home for cracks or gaps. If any are found, use expanding foam or a waterproof sealant to fill the area. Anything you cannot fix should be treated by a seasoned professional.
  • Check the home for secondary pest infestations that may be attractive to spider populations. Look for ants, beetles, flies, and other similar insects.

Conduct a search for secondary pest infestations with the help of trained experts at Ventura Pest Control. We are Pacoima's number one choice for year-round spider control. See why for yourself by calling our primary office.

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