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Why Ants Invade Ventura County Homes

March 15, 2022

There are many Ventura County pest pressures that you might encounter, and many of these species will get into homes and cause many problems. One of the more common home-invading pests around is ants. Despite their small size, ants are one of the most invasive pests around, and some can cause property damage or pose health risks. There are many ant species in Ventura County, but the more prevalent is the Argentine ant. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about Argentine ants and how to get reliable pest control in Ventura to keep them away. 

close up of ants on wood

What Argentine Ants Look Like In Ventura County

Argentine ants are pretty small and usually less than ½ an inch long. They have a 12-segmented antenna, and they range in color from light to dark brown. It can be difficult to identify Argentine ants from other species, but there are some context clues.

For one thing, Argentine ants are generally found outside. They prefer to live under organic debris such as woodpiles, mulch, or soil. Sometimes, they will nest at the base of trees or other plants. However, while their nests are usually outside, these ants will travel into homes to find food sources. They travel together in trails, moving back and forth between their nests and their food sources. While they are omnivores that will eat many things, they often prefer sugary or sweet times. 

What Attracts Argentine Ants In Ventura County Homes

The main reason you'll find Argentine ants in Ventura County is that they are seeking food sources. Overall, these ants aren’t a huge problem if they remain outdoors, but they can become an issue when they start using your home as their personal restaurant. They are attracted to many different kinds of foods, and even things like pet food outdoors can bring them near your house.

Along with access to food, Argentine ants also need access to water sources, and they prefer slightly overgrown or unkempt yards with many places for them to hide or build nests.

Where To Find Argentine Ants In Ventura County Homes

While Argentine ants might start their colonies outdoors, they are quite invasive and have large, interconnected colonies. These colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of ants and multiple queens, and elimination can be challenging. Ant control services such as those offered by Ventura pest Control will be necessary.

Along with being attracted to kitchen spaces, Argentine ants will also seek out areas of decay or waste. This can include garbage cans or decaying produce. They can spread bacteria throughout the house and property, so it’s best to try to remove them if you have an infestation.

Get Rid Of Argentine Ants In Ventura County Homes

Because Argentine ants are invasive, removing them on your own is rarely effective. You'll likely spend excess time and money trying to remove this pest problem only to find that the ants are still there. To efficiently remove all of the colonies and the queens, you will need assistance from our home pest control experts and commercial exterminators at Ventura Pest Control. Learn more about our options for Argentine ant control by calling us today to request a quote.

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