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The Key To Successful Cockroach Control For Ventura County Homes

You hear a skittering sound. Your eyes open. Something scratches and clicks as it moves across your bathroom floor in the dark. Then, horror fills you. It is the sound of a cockroach! You're likely to discover a cockroach infestation in this way. It is rare to see cockroaches unless you go into a dark space or surprise a cockroach. Another way you might discover an infestation is by seeing (or smelling) a warning sign. Most pest cockroaches prefer to stay hidden. So, what do you do if you find a cockroach in your house? It depends on the roaches that have infested your home. Some cockroaches are far worse than others. Today, we'll look at cockroach identification, what to expect from your roaches, why cockroach control products often fail, and who to call for help.

cockroaches on a floor

Types Of Cockroaches Commonly Found In Ventura County

We have several types of pest roaches in Ventura County. The three most common roach pests are German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Turkistan cockroaches. Let's start with the worst cockroaches on the planet.

German Cockroaches: These small cockroaches are tan with two black lines on the back of the head and reach a maximum length of about 5/8 of an inch in length. They can reproduce indoors and can tolerate dry conditions. No other cockroach or insect in the world can compete with the German cockroach. It is so well established inside structures and in human settlements that there are currently no known populations of wild German cockroaches in the world. If you have these roaches, you're not likely to have success controlling them. We recommend seeking out Ventura County pest control and getting a German cockroach treatment.     

American Cockroaches: These large cockroaches are chestnut-colored, shiny, and have a marking that looks like a yellowish-orange figure eight. Adults may be as large as 2 1/8 inches long. They can reproduce indoors but don't do well inside dry homes. Moisture control and a high level of sanitation may drive these roaches out.

Turkistan Cockroaches: These reddish-black roaches can be as large as 2 inches long, which causes some residents to mistake them for American cockroaches. Turkistan cockroaches are even less tolerant of dry conditions than American roaches and don't reproduce indoors. They go in and out. While certainly easier to control, they present more of a health concern because they bring outdoor contaminants inside.
Now that you have been introduced, it is time to look at the risk factors of having pest roaches in your home. There are a few reasons to consider the risk factors when discussing cockroach control. Let's look at why. 

Why Cockroach Infestations Are So Dangerous

Pest roaches are attracted to unsanitary conditions and feed on unsanitary things. They expose themselves to harmful microorganisms associated with human disease and move these invisible organisms around your home. How can this impact your health? In most cases, it will lead to a stomach illness. But some organisms, such as salmonella and E. coli, aren't going to give you a simple tummyache. Cockroaches also spread human pathogens and at least six named parasitic worms.

It isn't enough that cockroaches are a vector for harmful microorganisms; they also spread allergens. On contact with the skin, a cockroach can cause a rash to form. As they shed their body parts and leave waste in your home, they cause asthma conditions to worsen. One recent study showed that hospitalizations in cockroach-infested homes are much higher, and roach allergens impact children the most.

Okay. So how does knowing these risk factors pertain to cockroach control?

  • When you clean your home to drive cockroaches out, you'll remove the unsanitary conditions that contaminate the cockroaches. So, even if you get professional cockroach control, it is advantageous to deep clean your entire home.
  • It is hard work cleaning your home. You'll be far more motivated if you keep the risk factors in mind.
  • Using over-the-counter cockroach control products can increase the health risks in your home. It is best to refrain from using them entirely.   

At this point, you may be ready to do something about the cockroaches in your home. We get it. It is best not to allow cockroaches to remain in your home for one more day than necessary, but is DIY cockroach control the right call? Can you buy some bait, lay it down, and say goodbye to the roaches in your home? Not likely. We recommend applying natural cockroach control methods, such as sanitation, exclusions, and moisture control, but discourage the use of roach control products. You can make your problem worse. Let's take a look at why.

Why Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control Often Fails

There is no silver bullet for cockroach control. If there were, we would tell you. There are plenty of pests in the world. We don't need those cockroaches to stay in business. The reality is that effective cockroach control is less about the products used and more about the process. You can use products that are known to stop the specific cockroach species in your home and still fail to get control of them. In fact, you can make your problem worse. 

You likely know that cockroaches will outlive the human race if there is ever a global thermonuclear war. It is true. Cockroaches are robust insects that can withstand things that would take out a human in a heartbeat. When they survive, they adapt. What does this mean? Cockroaches can become resistant to the things that cause them harm.

Over the last decade, we've thrown a lot of things at pest roaches, and they keep getting stronger. Some populations are born with a resistance to conventional treatments, and some are born with bait aversion. If the roaches in your home are not yet resistant or do not yet have bait aversion, you can cause them to become so. The result is that the roaches in your home will be harder to exterminate, which could increase your cost when seeking a licensed pest management professional.

What if you know what bait to use on the roaches in your home? Should you go ahead and use it? Even professionals have to watch out for the pitfalls of applying bait. 

  • Bait placed down near cleaning products can get contaminated and fail to work.
  • Excessive humidity can impact the effectiveness of baits.
  • Some active ingredients may not work on your roaches, even though it has worked on that cockroach pest species in the past.

There is more to this story. We started by focusing on products that work, but Ventura residents often use products that don't have any impact on cockroaches. Here are a few examples.

  • A vinegar-and-water solution applied to surfaces will not act as a desiccant on cockroaches. In other words, it won't dry them out and exterminate them. The spray dries on the surfaces and does not impact roaches at all.
  • Putting down powdery substances, such as diatomaceous earth, doesn't work. Cockroaches cling to dents on surfaces and don't like to crawl across powder. If you apply too much, cockroaches will just go around. If you apply the right amount, they may simply avoid treated areas because they don't know what the substance is. 
  • Spraying cockroaches with soapy water can exterminate them, but this only address the symptom, not the problem. You'll never be able to treat all the roaches in your home directly. They hide in tight spaces and dark voids.

Do you see how it works? So, what is the best way to get rid of cockroaches? Here is our opinion—you can probably guess what it is.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Ventura County Homes

Contact Ventura Pest Control if you're dealing with cockroaches in Ventura County. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to get control of cockroaches and keep them out of your home. IPM is the gold standard in pest control. It considers entry points, conducive conditions, food and habitat preferences, and control materials. We will inspect your property, evaluate your cockroach control issue, and develop a multi-pronged strategy to arrest your infestation. Once completed, we can direct you toward a permanent solution to prevent future infestations, if you'd like. We provide year-round pest control in Ventura County that offers layers of protection. Throughout the year, you get monthly services that stop cockroaches (and a long list of other pests) from getting into your home. Through the use of monitoring devices, bait products, residual spot treatments, liquid barrier treatments, and other essential applications, we make it hard for cockroaches to live near your home or get inside.

Would you like to learn more or schedule a service visit? Navigate to our contact page and drop us a line. The service team at Ventura Pest Control looks forward to helping you resolve your cockroach problem and find long-lasting results. Life is so much better without cockroaches making you sick and damaging your property—not to mention creeping you out. Connect with us today. We're ready to help. 


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