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How To Deal With Pest Pigeons In Ventura County

Also known as rock doves, pigeons may have been used as messengers for secret messages hundreds of years ago, but today, the only thing these birds are responsible for carrying is disease. Whether these pest birds are hanging around your business, home, or yard, here’s what Ventura County homeowners should know about pigeons.

Keep reading to learn more about why pigeons may choose your property, the problem these birds can cause, how bird control in Ventura County works, and the benefits of using bird spikes on your property.

a pigeon outside on the ground

Why Pigeons Chose Your Ventura County Property

If you’ve got pigeons lurking around your Ventura County property, it’s usually not by accident. There are a couple of factors that may attract these pest birds to your property, such as:

  • There’s a nearby food source. Whether it’s an overflowing trash can or a parking lot full of crumbs, pigeons pick properties that have ample food sources. These pest birds aren’t picky and don’t mind rummaging through your garbage or picking through the scraps left behind after a picnic or cookout.

  • Your ceiling isn’t netted. Certain ceilings, especially warehouse ceilings that have a lot of nooks and crannies, can look appealing for pigeons to nest in. Without netting or other deterrents, pigeons may try to make their home on the roof of your home or business.

  • You’re not cleaning your gutters regularly. If you’ve got flooded gutters with leaves, pine cones, and other debris floating around, nearby pigeons may try to rest here. Without regular cleaning, gutters are another attractive place for pigeons to roost or rest.

The Problem With Pest Pigeons In Ventura County

You may already know that pest birds like pigeons can be a nuisance in large numbers, but that’s far from the only problem these critters cause. There are plenty of other reasons why you may not want pest pigeons nesting or roosting on your property, including:

  • They can transmit diseases. Pigeons can transmit more than sixty different diseases through their droppings, including dangerous parasites. Even inhaling micro-organisms from pigeon droppings that may be floating around in the air can put your health at risk.

  • They can cause damage. Not only are pigeon droppings a health risk, but enough droppings can damage paint, ruin wood, or clog gutters. This is also a problem when pigeons begin building nests on your property, as pigeon nests may clog your roof’s drainage system and cause damage to your home or business.

  • They are noisy pests. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a few pigeons or an entire infestation. These pest birds can be extremely noisy, which may cause issues if you’re trying to sleep or if you own a business and all your customers can hear are pigeons.

Bird Control In Ventura County

Unfortunately, once pigeons decide they’re at home on your Ventura County property, it can be difficult for residents to deter these pests – which is why we recommend using professional bird control from Ventura Pest Control. With professional, reliable treatments, we’ll turn your property back into a pigeon-free zone, and all of our services come with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

There’s no need to continue putting your health or your business’s reputation at risk with a pigeon infestation. If you’re dealing with a pest pigeon problem, don’t wait to call us today at Ventura Pest Control to learn more about how we can help.

The Benefits Of Bird Spikes In Ventura County

In addition to relying on the professional services of a pest management company like Ventura Pest Control, there are some effective ways to help deter pigeons in Ventura County, and that includes bird spikes. These devices prevent pigeons from roosting in undesired areas. Some of the benefits of bird spikes include:

  • They’re low-visibility deterrents and won’t become a nuisance or scare off guests and customers.

  • They can help prevent the build-up of debris.

  • They’re a humane form of bird control.

  • They’re durable enough to be used for years at a time.

  • They’re flexible, which makes it easy to place them on rooftops or other curved surfaces that may attract pigeons.

  • They’re easy to install and don’t require much maintenance once you’ve set them up 

  • They can be used in combination with professional services from a pest management company.

Bird spikes can go a long way toward deterring pigeons on your Ventura County property, but when they’re not enough, it’s time to call Ventura Pest Control.