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How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My Ventura County Home?

There are many misconceptions that can lead you to misinterpreted how and why bed bugs have gotten into your Ventura County home. The more you understand about these misconceptions, the more likely you'll be to prevent a bed bug infestation. See how you would answer the following questions regarding bed bugs.

bed bug on boxsping

Do bed bugs come in from your yard?

It may be hard to imagine, but bed bugs are almost always found indoors. They don't prefer to live outside. So, unlike many other insects, there is little or no chance that bed bugs will come in from your yard. Any external pest control measures you apply to keep them out will have no impact.

Do bed bugs prefer homes that are dirty?

The most important thing to know about bed bugs is that they don't choose to live with you. These bugs are carried into your home—and there are a surprising number of ways they may do this. One way is linked to dirtiness—well, sort of. Bed bugs like how humans smell. If you lay a garment down that you've been wearing, bed bugs will be attracted to it. This can cause them to get into it or lay their eggs in it. If you do this while on vacation, or when staying at someone's house, you can accidentally pick bed bugs up and bring them home. We recommend keeping laundry items in a sealed plastic bag to keep bed bugs out.

Do bed bugs need a bed?

You're probably aware that hotels, motels, and other businesses that offer sleep accommodations are at risk of bed bug infestations, but do you know that a business can have bed bugs even if it doesn't have beds? This is because bed bugs can feed on people when they aren't sleeping. For this reason, bed bugs have been found infesting a wide range of businesses that don't have beds. You should always be vigilant and take precautions.

Do you know where bed bugs can live?

If bed bugs don't need beds, where do they live when they get into businesses or homes that don't have beds? Here are just a few of the many places bed bugs can live:

  • Couches

  • Chairs

  • Nightstands

  • Alarm clocks

  • Computers

  • Duffel bags

  • Luggage

  • Pocketbooks

  • Spaces behind baseboards and crown molding

  • Wall outlets

  • Wall voids

  • Compressed space under carpets

When trying to keep bed bugs out of your Ventura County home, it is important to understand that they can be carried into your home inside the portable items listed above. Be cautious when purchasing used items.

Do bed bugs crawl around in the light?

It is important to understand the relationship bed bugs have to light. It can give you insight into when you should be more vigilant and when you can let your guard down. Here are a few examples of how light can play a role in starting an infestation:

  • If you work in an office space that is dark, bed bugs could feed on you while you work.

  • If you get into a dark taxi cab to go out for the night, you could return home with bed bugs.

  • When you go to the movies, bed bugs could be hiding in the darkness of the theater.

  • When kids lie down at a daycare in a darkened space, bed bugs can not only bite them, they can transfer from one child to the next.

Learn to detect the warning signs of bed bugs and teach your kids to recognize them. If bed bugs are present, there may be an "off" smell, or you may see black streaks, brown stains, or insect skins. Run something thin along seams of furniture to dislodge skins, white eggs, or bed bugs. These insects prefer tight spaces and cracks.

Do bed bugs go from apartment to apartment?

If you live in a large building with other people, it is possible for you to acquire a bed bug infestation from an apartment that is beside, above, or below yours. Bed bugs can make their way through wall voids to enter your home. This must be considered when addressing bed bug infestations in apartment complexes.

Is it hard to keep bed bugs out of your home?

You betcha! You can pick them up when you go on vacation. You can pick them up at work. You can pick them up when you go into public areas. They can come in on used items. They can come in on friends and relatives. They can come in on your kids. They are very hard to keep out of your home.

If bed bugs get into your Ventura County home, it is best to seek professional bed bug control. Bed bugs aren't just hard to keep out; they're hard to get rid of. Let our licensed pest professional deal with bed bugs. Reach out to Ventura Pest Control today for assistance.