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Southern California Spider Guide

May 4, 2020

Southern California Is Home To A Variety Of Spider Species

Spiders can be found almost anywhere and California provides the perfect environment for spiders to thrive. There are a variety of spider species throughout the state and some are more common in the Ventura area than others. Spiders can become a nuisance if they start popping up around your home and when you are caught off guard they have the ability to send chills up your spine. Most spider species are not venomous, however, there are some that are and do present a threat. Ventura Pest Control will keep your home and property spider free!

black widow spider in a web

Avoiding Grass Spider Bites

Grass spiders are common in California and are recognized by their large, concave, horizontal sheet-like funnel web. These spiders spin their webs on grass, weeds, and other vegetation that grows freely in the area. Homeowners frequently see these fast-moving spiders indoors when the weather begins to cool off. Night times are popular for these eight-legged creatures to enter into homes and seek shelter. Grass spiders are not poisonous but they can inflict a painful bite. Grass spider bites have been reported to cause pain, swelling, redness, and itching. The length of these symptoms can last anywhere from one to ten days without any serious or long term consequences.

How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders In Your House

One of the most intimidating looking spiders found in California is the wolf spider. Wolf spiders can grow so large and hairy that they are often mistaken for tarantulas. Wolf spiders are most active at night and they move very quickly which makes them difficult to spot. Wolf spiders do not spin a web; they are ground hunters and chase down their prey at a rapid speed. Seeing a large hairy spider run quickly across your floor at night can be quite disturbing and leave you feeling a little uneasy as you climb into bed. Wolf spiders will bite when they feel threatened and their bite can be very painful. Like the grass spider, the bite of a wolf spider does not have any serious or long term effects.

Venomous Spiders In California

California is home to a large number of spider species and a few are venomous such as the black widow and brown spider. It is important to know what these spiders look like and contact a pest control professional from Ventura Pest Control when you come across any of these dangerous spiders. The black widow spider has a red hourglass shape on its abdomen and the brown recluse spider resembles the shape of a violin.

Keep your home spider-free and your family safe from any painful spider bites with the help of Ventura Pest Control. Contact us for the best spider control services available!

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