Why Silverfish Invade Ventura County Homes And How To Keep Them Out

Silverfish on wall

Household pests come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be longer than others and have more than eight legs, while others are large and hairy. All critters are creepy in their way, and one of those creepy pests is the silverfish. This bug has a unique appearance and could cause many problems for Ventura County homeowners. This is why it’s essential to consult with a reliable Ventura County pest control if silverfish have invaded your home.

How To Identify A Silverfish

Silverfish in Ventura County are tiny, odd-looking insects that often find their way into homes.

Here are some of the identifying features of silverfish.

  • Silverfish are lithe and slender
  • Have a wide head and a gradually narrowing abdomen with a pointed backend.  
  • Silverfish are silvery grey, shiny, and have six legs – this gives them a delicate and fragile appearance
  • They have a double antenna and three long appendages on the sides of their bodies

Overall, silverfish have sleek, flat bodies that can easily hide under stacks of clutter and books. They can’t fly, but their small legs can carry quickly, making it possible to dash from one place to another very fast.

The Problem With Silverfish In The House

Silverfish don’t sting, bite, or carry pathogens into homes. Thus, they are harmless to humans. While they may look frightening, these insects are also harmless to pets, but you should keep your cats and dogs from ingesting them.

However, silverfish can be destructive when they start eating stuff in your home. They can eat stacks of paper, books, wallpaper, bills, and more. In fact, most property owners discover they have a silverfish infestation when they find unexplained holes in their clothes or books. One of the main reasons silverfish infestation is so hard to control is that these critters have a flexible diet and can live nearly anywhere within your home.

How And Why Silverfish Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Even if a silverfish bite isn’t lethal, knowing what’s attracting the silverfish insect into your home makes control and prevention much easier. Here are some of the conditions that attract silverfish into Ventura County homes.

Good Habitat

In their natural environment, these insects live in moist and protected areas such as leaf filters and under logs or rocks. When they invade homes, they are likely to hide in books, behind furniture near skinks, and in the basement. They need moisture to survive and will always establish themselves in cool places within your home.

Food Sources

Like all other pests that invade homes in Ventura County, silverfish will crawl into your home, looking for something to eat. They rely on starch food sources like fabrics, dried foods, fibers, grains, and more. So, they will happily munch on stray pieces of pet food, dried food products, and scraps of food.

Good Places to lay their Eggs

Generally, silverfish lay eggs in moist, dark, and hidden areas. Their eggs are yellow or white and usually bulb-shaped. If they can find places to silverfish eggs (which hatch into silverfish larvae) within your home, they will stay and multiply in your house.

Dirty Conditions

Some of the common things that silverfish eat are dust and paper clutter. If your home has a lot of clutter or you rarely clean it, there is a good chance these insects will invade it. Therefore, it’s recommended to declutter your home by sorting, selling, and recycling the items you no longer need.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish And Keep Them Out

Traditional poisons don’t get rid of silverfish. So, eliminating this insect is an ongoing process. You will need outdoor and indoor treatments to eliminate silverfish from your home and yard. Indeed, a combination of lifestyle changes and a professional pest control approach is the secret to getting rid of silverfish.

While you may be tempted to eliminate silverfish on your own (DIY approach), a reliable pest control company like Ventura Pest Control can help eliminate these insects and prevent future infestations. A professional will come to your aid, inspect your home thoroughly, identify the areas infested with silverfish, and create a control and prevention strategy.

Professionals in pest control use modern pest control techniques and products to evaluate infestations to control silverfish. It’s also possible to identify other pests within your home and eliminate them. Remember, these pest control services often come with a service guarantee for both residential and commercial properties.

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