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What To Do About Moles In Your Ventura County Yard

mole in a burrow

Moles are common visitors to Ventura County yards, and the amount of damage they can do to your once-pristine lawn means that you can't let a mole problem go unaddressed. There are a number of methods used for controlling moles, but for the safest, most effective way to remove moles from your lawn, call the professionals. Ventura Pest Control provides reliable pest control in Ventura County that will ensure your yard is mole-free once again. Learn how to identify mole damage, what factors attract moles to your yard, and what to do for total mole control on your property.

How To Identify Mole Damage In Your Yard

Because it's unlikely that you'll actually see moles hard at work, it's important to know what signs of mole damage to look for in your yard. Moles invade yards that have soil that's rich in organic matter and that may also host yard pests for moles to feed on. Moles damage yards by burrowing through the soil and creating tunnels. This can cause problems for homeowners because it damages the roots of grass and other plants, and makes it difficult to grow a lush, green lawn.

There are some easy ways to identify obvious mole damage in a yard. The first is to look for raised ridges of dirt that run along the ground. These are created when moles push up soil as they burrow underground. You may also notice small piles of dirt or sand that have been excavated from mole tunnels. 

The Extent Of Damage Moles Can Create In Your Yard

Moles can cause a great deal of damage to just about any property. The extent of that damage can vary depending on the size and location of the mole. Here are some of the worst things these pests can do to damage your property:

  • Destroy the structure of your home by digging holes underneath the foundation
  • Eat the roots of trees, shrubs, and plants, causing them to die
  • Contaminate the water supply by digging holes near water pipes
  • Damage sprinkler systems by burrowing into the underground piping
  • Damage electrical systems by chewing on wires and cables
  • Damage sidewalks and driveways by tunneling underneath them

In addition, mole damage can make your yard unsafe by creating holes that act as trip hazards, making it difficult for you to easily walk around. If you're concerned about this kind of pest damage in your yard, the best course of action is to contact a professional mole control company like Ventura Pest Control. We will be able to ascertain the extent of the problem and recommend the best way to control moles in your yard.

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard And Garden

One of the main reasons why moles come into a yard is in search of food. These little pests are mainly insectivores, so they will eat a lot of the insects that are found in yards, such as grubs, earthworms, and beetles. If there is a good food source available, they will be attracted to the area.

Another reason why moles might show up in a yard is because of the habitat. They need loose, moist soil in order to build their tunnels and homes. If a yard has these conditions, it can be an attractive place for moles. Additionally, yards with dense vegetation can also provide shelter and safety for moles from predators.

Finally, they may also be attracted to yards because of the climate. These pests are active year-round, but they do prefer cooler temperatures. 

The Key To Total Mole Control For Your Ventura County Home

There are a variety of ways to achieve total mole control. The most effective approach will vary depending on your specific situation. Of course, the best way to achieve complete mole control is to partner with a professional pest control company like Ventura Pest Control. Because moles can cause so much damage, and it can be difficult to know the full extent of a mole problem, professional mole control will ensure your problem is fully handled and you can get your mole-free yard back.

We have the expertise necessary to quickly and effectively solve mole problems, no matter how severe they may be. Our team of experienced professionals will work diligently to find and eliminate all the moles in your yard. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Total mole control by Ventura Pest Control is the key to keeping your home safe and attractive. Never let moles ruin your yard; contact us for effective mole control services.

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