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Why You Should Call The Pros About Roaches In Your Ventura County Home

When cockroaches appear in Ventura County homes, some residents go after them with over-the-counter sprays, not realizing that those sprays don't have what it takes to stop cockroaches. Today, we're going to take a look at a few ways DIY cockroach control can fall short, and why it is so important to have a professional deal with a cockroach infestation in your home.

cockroach on stone wall

Can you kill a roach with spray?

Yes. You can kill some roaches. If you happen to find a location where cockroaches are congregating and douse that area with a chemical spray, you can come back later and find many roaches dead. The problem is that insecticides have a hard time killing all the cockroaches. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cockroaches are born with a resistance to insecticides that were used on their parents. This is because chemical resistances are passed down to offspring.

  • Cockroaches that don't have a natural resistance can develop a resistance when they are exposed to a partial dosage. They shed their skins and grow new skins that are resistant to the chemical product. Then, they pass the resistance on to their offspring.

  • Cockroaches are strong insects. It takes a lot to kill them. When hydrogen bombs were dropped on cities in Japan, it was found that only cockroaches had survived. It wasn't that they were able to withstand the direct impact of a nuclear bomb, but more that they have the ability to tolerate high levels of radiation.

  • Sprays are topical. They don't get into the cracks, crannies, and voids where cockroaches hide. If you spray a group of roaches, you're only going to impact the roaches that get a direct dosage. The roaches in the walls aren't going to come out and willingly subject themselves to harmful chemicals.

What happens when chemically resistant roaches are sprayed?

If you spray to eliminate cockroaches and you find out that you still have cockroaches, that isn't the worst that has happened. Chemically resistant cockroaches can pick up the harmful chemicals you've sprayed and carry them to sensitive locations, such as stored foods, dishes, silverware, food-prep areas, and more.

What if you use bait?

You may already know that cockroaches can have a resistance to sprays, and you might consider using bait to get rid of the cockroaches in your Ventura County home. This is a great idea if you know what bait to use and how to administer it. Bait doesn't have the drawback of allowing chemically contaminated roaches to crawl around in sensitive areas and make you sick. But cockroaches already have the ability to make you sick. They crawl in dumpsters, sewers, drains, litter boxes, and other dirty places. If your baits fail, cockroaches can continue to make you sick by actively moving about inside your home.

What should you do about cockroaches?

There are a few suggestions we give to residents. These follow the methodology of Integrated Pest Management.

  • Keep your kitchen clean. This reduces your chances of being exposed to invisible organisms that are transported by cockroaches.

  • Keep your trash in a sealed container.

  • Refrain from leaving dishes in a dry sink. Soak them in soapy water until you're ready to wash them. And be aware that cockroaches can get into your dishwasher.

  • Put your pantry food—particularly products that come in cardboard, paper, and plastic—in sealed containers.

  • Clean the cabinets under your sinks and seal gaps around pipes.

  • Clean under and around appliances, such as your stove and refrigerator.

  • Address any leaks in your home to remove moisture droplets that roaches need in order to stay hydrated.

  • Install dehumidifiers in humid spaces.

  • Do an inspection of your exterior and seal gaps, cracks, and holes. Pay close attention to the seals around exterior doors and windows.

  • Reduce moisture around the outside of your home.

  • Rake organic debris up and away from your exterior.

  • Make sure your exterior trash is bagged and put in sealed containers.

If you take these steps, you can resist and control cockroaches naturally. We recommend these measures more as a way to prevent infestations. If cockroaches have already established themselves, control products should be used to get control of them. These should be selected and administered by a licensed and trained pest professional to achieve the desired results.

Why does professional cockroach control work?

Pest professionals deal with cockroaches all the time. We know the challenges and pitfalls. We also have access to knowledge shared between professionals in the industry. The products and strategies we use are field-tested best practices.

If you live in Ventura County, and you're having issues with cockroaches, contact Ventura Pest Control. We know the cockroach species in our area, and we know what is required to eliminate and exclude them. Get assistance today. 


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