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The Key To Effective Wasp Control For Ventura County Properties

Wasps tend to be a threat that seems to come out of nowhere. One day, you have no concern about wasps. The next, all you can think about is how to prevent wasp problems from ever happening again. You may go out into your yard to mow. While mowing, you feel like little rocks are being kicked out from under the mower and hitting your legs, but then you realize that those aren't rocks; you're being stung by yellow jackets! Or, you may go out to blow the leaves from your landscaping, turn the blower on, and suddenly feel like someone is poking you with a pin in your arms, legs, and neck. After screaming and running several yards away, you realize paper wasps have had time to create a big, grey nest on the side of your home. There are many ways wasp problems can seem to come out of nowhere. The first step in effective wasp control is understanding why.

wasp making a nest

Only Yesterday We Had No Wasp Nest

There are many reasons wasps may take you by surprise. Here are a few to consider:

  • Some wasps create nests in ground holes. It isn't easy to see wasps as they're creating a nest in the ground. You have to be watching for drones entering and exiting holes.

  • Some wasps create nests in voids. If they get into a hole in your exterior, they can make a large nest that is hidden from view. You have to be watching for drones entering and exiting your foundation, walls, or roofline.

  • Some wasps make nests under low overhangs, such as the roofline of a shed, or underneath a deck. You need to do routine checks of these sheltered locations, especially in spring when nest creation is at its peak.

  • Life can get busy and time can fly. If you don't go out into your yard frequently enough, wasps can create a nest in a visible location, such as an upper corner of an open porch or on a tree or bush. And, although it is easily seen, those wasps can surprise you.

When Nests Begin

If you're on top of your game, you can check your property routinely during the spring to catch paper wasps before they have time to complete their nests. Females will gather materials and create a little gray blotch that will slowly turn into an umbrella-shaped group of hexagonal chambers. If you find a nest during the day, when the female is away gathering material, you can use a broom to sweep the nest away with little or no repercussions. Just make sure she's away.

Once Nests Have Developed

If you find a nest that is well on its way to completion, we don't recommend swacking the thing with a broom. It is also not a good idea to douse it with harmful chemicals. Over-the-counter insecticides can be harmful to you, your kids, your pets, and wildlife. We recommend contacting a pest professional for proper removal.

Wasp Nest Prevention

Long before wasps decide to create a nest in your yard, there are ways you can deter them. Here are a few tips that work.

  • Fill in ground holes and remove objects from your yard that yellow jackets can nest in. Fewer harborage options will lower your chances of these insects creating a nest.

  • Keep your trash inside covered containers. Wasps are attracted to garbage. If they come for the garbage, they may establish a nest to be close to that food source.

  • Address conditions that cause standing water resources. Puddles and objects that capture rainwater will lure wasps into your yard. These insects need water to survive.

  • Inspect your exterior and seal any gaps or cracks. This will prevent wasps from getting into your walls and creating a hidden nest.

  • Make sure all your screens are in good-working condition, particularly screens that keep wasps out of your screened-in porch or outdoor recreation areas.

It Pays To Hire A Professional

There are many ways pests can present a threat to you, your family, your pets, and your property. Wasps are only one of them. At Ventura Pest Control, we offer one-time service, bi-monthly service, and premium monthly service for property owners in Ventura County. When you have routine visits from a knowledgeable service professional, wasps aren't allowed to create nests in your yard. This is the most effective way to get control of wasp problems. If you'd like more information about our team or our services, we'd be happy to answer your questions. You can speak with one of our agents anytime by contacting us by chat, email, or phone.

You don't have to be surprised by wasps. Get proactive, ongoing pest service for your Ventura property today.