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Simi Valley, CA Pest Control

Complete Pest Management In Simi Valley, California

Here in Simi Valley, CA, we’re notorious for being home to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It’s something to be proud of; however, we’re also home to pest activity, which is not something to be proud of. Pest infestations pose a lot of different threats to your property and everyone inside of it, which is why it’s so important to secure the proper pest protection. Ongoing services from the pest professionals is the best way to go, and you’ve come to the right place.

Ventura Pest Control is the largest, oldest, local family owned and operated full-service pest company in Ventura County. Since 1959, we’ve been servicing local homes and businesses with comprehensive pest control solutions that Simi Valley property owners can depend on. Our team works hard to provide you with extraordinarily friendly, professional services at affordable prices. Give us a call today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs; we’re here to help.

Home Pest Control In Simi Valley, CA

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You and your loved ones rely on the safety of your Simi Valley home to protect you from harm. Unfortunately, pest activity is a year-round reality that many homeowners have to face. These sneaky intruders find their way into your house, start breeding, and wreak havoc throughout the entire property. That’s why we offer reliable residential pest control services. Our process entails the following:


  • Walk around property to identify existing pest issues
  • Consult with client to learn more about what they’re experiencing
  • Develop an effective treatment strategy to meet your needs

Initial Service Visit

  • Perimeter treatment using Termidor (in spring and summer months)
  • Selection of products to deter general pest activity
  • De-webbing and de-nesting of the house

Ongoing Services

  • Exterior maintenance, interior as needed
  • Follow-up scheduled at your preference

Our team has serviced over 10,000 local homes, providing lasting results you and your loved ones can feel good about. As a leader in IPM strategies, our company incorporates inspection, sanitation, mechanical applications, and monitoring into our process. We prioritize your safety and well-being, only using pesticides as a last resort. Whatever pest challenge you’re facing, we’re right by your side, ready to face it with you. Contact us today to get your free home estimate, and we’ll set up your complimentary inspection right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Simi Valley, CA

The best way to protect your Simi Valley business from a pest infestation is to call Ventura Pest Control today. We service many local businesses, including office spaces, industrial manufacturing, schools, medical facilities, multi-unit housing, food processing, and restaurants.

Some of our services include:

  • Customizable services per customer and business type
  • General pest control treatment with liquid product
  • Monitoring devices and rodent bait station if necessary
  • Devices are all barcoded for convenient service logging and updates

Our commercial pest control solutions provide year-round coverage for a variety of common area problems. We cover general insect control, device monitoring, rodent bait stations, gopher and ground squirrel control, rat and mouse control, and stored product pest control. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Four Ways To Control Rodents On Your Simi Valley Property

When it comes to a rodent infestation, it’s normal to wonder if there was something you could have done to prevent it from happening. Well, here are four helpful tips for reducing your exposure to these unsanitary intruders:

1. Be diligent about cleanliness; clean up spills and crumbs as soon as they occur.

2. Store all food in airtight, gnaw-proof containers to prevent access.

3. Seal off any entry points or small holes that rodents can sneak through.

4. Install weatherstripping around the foundation and under doors.

These tips can be helpful, sure, but the fastest and most effective way to treat and prevent a rodent infestation is to contact the experts. Ventura Pest Control has the experience to identify and eliminate these unsanitary pests, and we’ll help you maintain rodent-free conditions in the future.

How To Spot & Stop An Ant Infestation In Your Simi Valley Home

An ant infestation can grow into a large-scale problem in the blink of an eye, which is why it’s important to keep them away from your Simi Valley home. If you’re not sure whether or not you have an ant problem, consider the following signs:

  • Discovering lines of ants on a pathway leading in and out of your property
  • Finding groups of live ants in your kitchen, food prep areas, or on your food itself
  • Noticing many ant mounds, nests, and colonies around your yard

If you notice any of these signs, the best thing to do is to call in the experts. Of course, there are some preventative measures that you can take to avoid ant infestation. To start, it’s important to practice proper sanitation around your home. Also, eliminate all access points, and seal off cracks and crevices around the outside of your house. The only sure-fire way to deal with ants is to contact the pros. Reach out to Ventura Pest Control today for guaranteed ant control and prevention services you can trust.


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