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Northridge, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Solutions For Northridge, CA Properties

What do California State University, Skateland, and a fashion center have in common? The neighborhood of Northridge, CA! Los Angeles is home to hundreds of uniquely segmented communities, dozens of which line the interior of the San Fernando Valley. Northridge is one of the closest neighborhoods to the city proper, almost named ‘North Hollywood’ by settlers in the early 1900s. Some amount of filmography does occur here, and spotting camera crews and film sets are not always out of the ordinary! In Northridge, residents have learned to expect the unexpected. Something that perhaps they did not count on, though, is the presence of pests in homes, businesses, and other buildings. These creatures cause massive amounts of disruption to everyday life and harm people, pets, and properties without even trying.

There’s no question as to how strong pests can be. Fortunately, Ventura Pest Control is even stronger. For decades, we have protected the town of Northridge from infestations, invasions, and other close calls. After so many years of success, we can truly say that we’ve loved every minute of it. Against all pests great and small, the crew at Ventura Pest Control will handle it all! Chat with us online to learn more, or send in your contact info via email to get connected with the pros you need.

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Home Pest Control
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Home Pest Control In Northridge, CA


Owning your own home in an area like Northridge comes with certain responsibilities. Friends, acquaintances, and family members that come to visit expect a certain amount of safety and tranquility while on your property. Should they come into contact with a pest problem of any sort, there may be dire consequences. Physical injury, property damage, and even the spread of disease will threaten the well-being of those you care for.

No two Northridge homes have the same concerns, and at Ventura Pest Control, we understand this perfectly. We know the risks that come along with pest infestations, and have developed two unique home pest control options to treat any impending problems:

1. One-Time Service (Guarantee Included): This program strictly addresses pests on a one-time basis. If your problem isn’t completely gone after our initial service, we’ll come back to do it all again until you are completely satisfied.

2. Guaranteed Year-Round Treatments: Instead of leaving your home open to potential invasion, trust your home in the capable hands of Ventura Pest Control. Our guaranteed year-round treatments are 100% safe for people and pets and come with complimentary emergency services.

Invest in first-rate pest control, not the bare minimum. Request your free quote online today.

Commercial Pest Control In Northridge, CA

There’s no such thing as a business that doesn’t need pest control. Despite how safe you may feel in your current building, some pests may be resting just around the corner. Rodents, roaches, termites, and other destructive animals could destroy everything you have worked for in a matter of weeks. After years of supporting your business ventures, don’t you owe it to yourself to get actionable commercial pest control?

More than 62 years of professional service have given Ventura Pest Control the skills to treat your business. We take pride in every industry we serve, including:

  • Food Service And Restaurants
  • Apartment Complexes And HOAs
  • Medical Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Office Units

Take your commercial pest control plan to the next level. Call your local branch of Ventura Pest Control to learn more.

Five Termite Control Tips For Northridge Properties

Some pests are almost impossible to treat once they get into the house. Termites are one such pest, known as a wood-eating menace all over California. Not only are termites particularly destructive, but they are also not covered by homeowners insurance plans. In other words, preventing termite activity is always in your best interest. Here are five termite control tips that help treat Northridge properties: 

  • Eliminate moisture in the home with dehumidifiers.
  • Pre-treat the wood in your house with sprays from a professional company (Ventura Pest Control)
  • Remove soil to wood contact outside the house.
  • Stack all firewood cords at least 25 feet away from the home.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of termite activity (such as mud tunnels)

Concerned that termites may already be in the house? Call Ventura Pest Control for a termite inspection.

How To Tell If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Northridge Home

The itchy bites along your arm could be the result of many pest species, including fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks. However, bed bugs can be a real threat to the Northridge, CA area. If you suspect that the bite on your body is more than just a ‘backyard’ pest, you’ll need to investigate further. Here’s how to tell if there are bed bugs in your Northridge home:

  • Finding feeding or waste splotches on upholstery
  • A sickly sweet scent lingering around the home
  • Spotting an oval-shaped bug about the size of an apple seed

To confirm your suspicions, immediately contact Ventura Pest Control for effective bed bug control.

Why Stinging Insect Infestations In Northridge Should Be Left To Professionals

Your yard is a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It's also a place where your children play, and it's essential to ensure that it's free of any harmful stinging insects.

The term "stinging insects" can refer to a variety of different species, but the most common ones are:

  1. Bees
  2. Wasps
  3. Hornets
  4. Bellow jackets

Unfortunately, these insects can be a real nuisance, and, in some cases—can even be dangerous. If you're experiencing a stinging insect infestation in your Northridge home, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

There are several reasons why this is the case:

  • Danger: Many people don't realize how unsafe these insects can be. If you're not careful, you could get stung and experience an allergic reaction. This could lead to serious health complications, including fatalities in some cases.
  • Expertise: Pest control experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to take care of a stinging insect infestation safely and efficiently. They know how to identify the insects, where they're hiding, and how to get rid of them.
  • Effectiveness: Professional pest control services are highly effective in getting rid of stinging insects. The problem can be taken care of in a single visit in most cases.
  • Resistance to pesticides: Some stinging insects have developed a resistance to pesticides, making them difficult to get rid of using DIY methods. Professional stinging insect control experts have access to the latest and most effective treatments, which can take care of even the most stubborn infestations.

Living under threat from stinging insects can be stressful. If you're experiencing a problem with these pests, contact Ventura Pest Control. We've been in the business for over 60 years and are well-versed with most local stinging insect species.

 We'll send over our service technicians to look at your property and tailor a solution specifically for your needs. We're here to help, so don't hesitate to call us.

Myths Vs. Facts About Spiders In Northridge

Whether it's due to Hollywood movies or simply the natural fear of the unknown, spiders tend to evoke a sense of dread in many people. Many myths and misconceptions about spiders circulate online and in the media, but how much of it is true?

Let's take a look at some of the most common myths about spiders and see if they hold up to scrutiny:

Myth: All spiders are poisonous.

Fact: Only a small percentage of spiders are venomous. The vast majority of spiders pose no threat to humans.

Myth: Spiders can jump long distances.
Fact: Most spiders can't jump more than a few inches, if that. They use their web to travel between objects.

Myth: All spiders are hairy.
Fact: Some spiders are hairy, some aren't. It depends on the species.

Myth: The average person swallows eight spiders per year while sleeping.
Fact: This is an urban legend that’s been debunked many times. There is no evidence to support this claim.

Myth: Spiders are attracted to light.
Fact: Some spiders are attracted to light, and some aren't. It depends on the species.

Remember: even though most spiders are harmless, a few species can pose a threat to humans. If you're fighting a spider infestation, it's best to contact Ventura Pest Control for assistance.

All our treatment and pest management plans are EPA approved and safe for use around pets and children. As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in our reputation for providing quality services at affordable prices.

 Contact us today to schedule an obligation-free consultation.

Types Of Rodents Found In Northridge 

Rodents are a common pest here in Northridge, and several different types can be found in the area. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Rats
  2. Mice
  3. Squirrels
  4. Chipmunks

Rodents are sa severe nuisance because they can carry diseases like hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and leptospirosis. They can also cause extensive damage to property by chewing through wiring and insulation.

If you experience a rodent infestation, contact a Ventura Pest Control service technician for assistance. We use only the latest and most effective techniques to get rid of rodents, and our service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 Don't wait—call us today.

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