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Professional Pest Management For Newbury Park, CA

Newbury Park is a beautiful area that many people are proud to call home. Unfortunately, a wide variety of pests also enjoy living in our area and are always seeking out new opportunities to invade your property. Without the protection of a year-round pest control plan, your Newbury Park home or business is at risk of a pest infestation. Protect your property from all kinds of common pests with a little help from the skilled pest control professionals here at Ventura Pest Control. We take the protection of your property seriously, which is why we utilize the most advanced pest control strategies available to keep your property pest-free throughout the entire year. Give your Newbury Park home or business the complete protection it needs by partnering with Ventura Pest Control today.

Home Pest Control In Newbury Park, CA

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When pests get into your Newbury Park home, they’re more than just a nuisance - they’re a threat to the health and safety of your family.

The most effective way to protect your Newbury Park home and family from the area’s toughest pests is to put into place a residential pest control plan from Ventura Pest Control.

As a local, family-owned pest control company, we are committed to protecting people and properties from the many problems pests cause. Whether you’re looking for rodent control, cockroach control, bed bug control, or any other type of pest control service, you can rely on the professionals from Ventura Pest Control to get the job done right.

With our skilled technicians by your side, you can rest assured that your Newbury Park home will remain pest-free all year long.

Commercial Pest Control In Newbury Park, CA

The goal of every successful business owner is to provide excellent products and services that will keep their customers returning for more. But when pests invade your Newbury Park business, they get in the way of your customers’ satisfaction. Protect your customers, employees, property, and reputation from pests by implementing an ongoing commercial pest control plan from Ventura Pest Control. As leaders in commercial pest management, it’s our goal to ensure your business remains free of pests year-round. And, because we care about eliminating pests in the most effective way possible, we rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies. Don’t allow pests to invade your commercial facility and drive away your customers. Instead, reach out to Ventura Pest Control for comprehensive commercial pest control services you can trust.

Bird Control: Keep Birds Away From Your Newbury Park Business

Many people enjoy bird watching. However, when birds start nesting around your Newbury Park business, they are nothing but a hassle. Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, and other pest birds can cause serious consequences for your business. They leave their dropping all over your walkways, which can pose serious health risks and slipping hazards for your customers. Pest birds also cause a lot of noise, which can deter potential customers from entering your business. Thankfully, the professionals here at Ventura Pest Control have a solution. As an authorized installer of “Bird B Gone,” which are humane bird exclusion devices.

Some of the bird control options we provide include:

  • Bird spiders, which are placed on top of outdoor light fixtures
  • Bird wire, which prevents pest birds from resting on your building
  • Bird netting, which prevents birds from roosting in your roof eaves and rafters

When it comes to keeping your Newbury Park business protected from pest birds, you can’t go wrong with a little help from the professionals at Ventura Pest Control. Reach out to us today for more details about all of our humane bird control options.

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What To Do About Rodents On Your Newbury Park Property

Rodents are among some of the most common pests to invade residential and commercial properties. They tend to invade Newbury Park properties while foraging for sources of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, once they find these resources in your home, they’re unlikely to leave. Rodents typically try to avoid the presence of humans, which is why they live inside attics, wall voids, and other areas with minimal human interference. Although one or two mice in your Newbury Park home might not seem like too much of an issue, it’s important to understand how quickly rodent infestations can spread. Rodents reproduce rapidly, which means one or two mice can turn into dozens of mice within a few short months.

If rodents are living in or around your Newbury Park property, your best option is to contact the professionals here at Ventura Pest Control. We have experience protecting homes and businesses from all kinds of common pests, including rodents. Our rodent control services are designed to remove your current rodent infestation and prevent new rodents from invading your property in the future. Get in touch with Ventura Pest Control to learn more about how we handle rodent infestations.

Wildlife Control: What Newbury Park Residents Need To Know

Wildlife represents a category of pest that can be scary for many Newbury Park residents because of its unpredictability. Here are the things that you need to know about the squirrels, skunks, raccoons, birds, and other wildlife that may be loitering around your property:

  • These pests are often carriers of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, which they can very easily spread to your property and home because of how freely wildlife roams.
  • Due to their invasive nature, wildlife can be capable of damaging the insulation of your property and even your electrical wiring.
  • Many wildlife animals are also capable of spreading dangerous pathogens like rabies, cat scratch disease, and Valley fever.
  • With problems surrounding birds, property owners may find that significant damage has been done to their property because of nest locations. Birds may build their nests around fans, air conditioners, and vents.

For complete protection from wildlife and the dangers that they pose, contact Ventura Pest Control today.

Are These Termites In My Newbury Park Home?

Termites are one of the most costly pests that Newbury Park homeowners can expect to encounter. But with their secretive behaviors, it might be difficult for the average homeowner to spot termites, let alone identify them. Here are a few of the most common termites you’re likely to encounter and how to note them:

  • Subterranean. A creamy white color, the subterranean termite has a prominent set of antennae and three sets of legs. They typically use rich soil to gain access to your home’s foundation.
  • Dampwood. This reddish-brown termite has a large set of wings that are almost the size of its entire body. They also have a large head with equally large pincers. They’re attracted to wood that’s been damaged from fungus and water.
  • Drywood. These termites have two sets of wings but are almost half the size of damp wood termites. They’re almost translucent brown in coloring and their wings have a white to clear coloring. They enter homes through exposed wood and can go for extended periods of time without food.

At Ventura Pest Control, we provide treatments specified by species, and monitoring to ensure the efficacy of our work and your safety. For more information on our termite control services, contact us today.

How To Deter Ants From Your Kitchen In Newbury Park

Ants may be a nuisance, but they are unwanted in your Newbury Park kitchen nonetheless. To keep ants out of your home, try these tips:

  • Always start by ensuring that your home is secure. This means tending to the crevices in your home’s foundation, filling the gaps around your windows and doors with weather stripping, using door sweeps, and replacing any worn window screens.
  • Next, store your food properly. Never leave food out that’s uncovered, opting for airtight containers when storing items in the fridge, pantry, or on the counter.
  • Keep things clean. Whether it’s a soap spill at the sink, crumbs on the floor, or oil residue from cooking on the stove, clean your kitchen on a regular basis.
  • If you spot a leak, fix it. Tending to leaky pipes, faucets, and even downspouts can deter ants from making themselves at home in your kitchen.
  • Don’t forget about the trash. One of the most enticing spots in the kitchen for ants is the trash. That’s why it’s so crucial to always use a bin that has a properly functioning lid, never forget to use a trash bag, take out the garbage frequently, and inspect for food debris between uses.
  • Call the pros. Keeping your kitchen free from ants can be a pain but with help from a pest professional, it doesn’t have to be.

For more tips on keeping ants out of your kitchen, and for complete protection from them, contact Ventura Pest Control today.

Which Spiders In Newbury Park Are Dangerous?

You’re never very far away from spiders when you live in Newbury Park, and while most of them are not very dangerous to your health, some of them are. The spiders that you need to be most cautious around are:

  • Black widow. Perhaps the most iconic spider, the black widow has a shiny black exterior and the stamp of a red hourglass. They spin their webs in secluded spots in the home, like attics, basements, and sheds, and wait for their prey to pass by before injecting their venom.
  • Brown recluse. Most notable for its six eyes, the brown recluse may also be branded with a violin shape, but the size and look can vary. Inside the home, they live in dark, quiet places like the back of your closet or underneath furniture.
  • Brown widow. Perhaps less well-known but very common in Newbury Park, the brown widow is gray-brown in coloring and has a yellow to orange hourglass figure on its abdomen, along with white spots. They are very likely to be found under eaves.

To protect yourself from the dangerous spiders that are lurking around Newbury Park homes, you need the help of the pros at Ventura Pest Control. We provide homeowners with unparalleled, safe, and comprehensive services to not only get rid of spiders but also keep them from coming back. For more tips on keeping spiders out of your home, contact us today. 

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