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The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Ventura County Home

February 1, 2023

Ventura County pest control has always had a focus on spiders and insects. While the average homeowner may not know much about spiders, we are very familiar with the kinds of spiders we see around this part of the country. Don’t go overboard trying to determine a spider’s species on your own, as some can be dangerous. We’ve compiled a guide to keeping spiders out of your home, but it’s important to know when you’re outmatched. If you feel you may be experiencing a spider infestation in your home, call us to get started on serving them with an eviction!

spiders on a white wall

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

Common house spiders are a nuisance, but they’re often harmless to people. There are many spiders that pose a threat to humans, but most of the spiders that tend to wander inside are more of an inconvenience than a direct threat to our health.

That said, there are still a few types of spiders that you may come across that are worth noting.

  • Wolf spiders

  • Yellow garden spiders

  • Widow spiders

  • Tarantulas

Clearly, there’s some variety in the types of spiders we see around Ventura. If you see any of the spiders listed above in your home, don’t play the odds – they can be dangerous, and in some cases, life-threatening. Common household spiders are easier to deal with than some of these species, but you should pick up the phone and call us immediately if you think you see any of these offenders hanging around!

Why You Don't Want Spiders Hanging Around Your Home

Ants and spiders are not very good neighbors or tenants – they are a downright nuisance in the home. Save for some small positive impact they may have, such as spiders eating flies and other insects, an infestation is just that; an infestation.

If you feel you have an overabundance of spiders on your property, don’t wait to call in the professionals to help you out.

Five Simple And Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

If you’re keen to learn some tips on how to prevent spiders from gaining a foothold in your home, we’ve compiled a short list of handy ideas:

  • Spray peppermint oil around any areas you feel may be frequented by spiders. Most of them seem to dislike the smell quite a bit.

  • Seal any cracks or crevices in the home. Even large spiders can fit in and out of extremely small spaces. Make sure you cover your bases and seal off any potential entryways for them.

  • Do laundry often – spiders can hitch a ride into our homes on our clothes fairly easily.

  • Get rid of their hiding spots. Spiders are attracted to light, but they also tend to hide just outside of sight, under cover or shade, waiting for other insects to fall into their traps.

On their own, these methods won’t completely get rid of a spider infestation. They will, however, help prevent one from taking hold in the first place.

Professional Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

There’s really no way to get rid of spiders naturally. It’s possible to deter them, sure, but home remedies and DIY-spider remedies can only take a homeowner so far.

If you believe you have a spider infestation in your home, don’t wait, and don’t panic. Call Ventura Pest Control to get a head start on reclaiming your home from spiders.

While many species of spider are innocuous, many pose a serious risk to your safety, and can even be venomous. In this part of the country, spiders and other insects always have that risk associated with them, even if you’re indoors.

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