How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders In Your Ventura County Home

wolf spider crawling on floor

Wolf spiders can scare even the bravest property owners, and for a good reason. These big, hairy spiders can sprint incredibly fast and look like a tarantula. These arachnids are solitary with a shy and introverted nature. Thus, meeting one in your home is rare, but that doesn't mean they don't invade homes. Hire a reputable Ventura County pest control company if you are dealing with a wolf spider infestation.

Wolf Spiders Don't Spin Webs Like Other Spiders

Wolf spiders don't build webs like other types of spiders in Ventura County. Instead, they reside within either open or silk-sealed burrows. In rainy seasons, these spiders plug their burrows with pebbles and create turrets to deflect rainwater. Also, they can place twigs at the top of the burrow to hide it.

The wolf spider's habitats range from dry, inland shrubs and woodlands to wet, coastal alpine meadows and coastal forests. Some wolf spider species dwell in suburban gardens, making it easy to invade homes. At the onset of fall, these spiders seek warm habitats. This is the period they are common in Ventura County homes and commercial properties. When they enter homes, they prefer garages, houseplants, basements, and other damp or dark areas of your home.

Wolf Spider Bites Are Painful But Rare

Generally, wolf spider bites are rare and painful but not lethal, unlike poisonous spiders like black widow spiders. In the vast majority of cases, individuals bitten by wolf spiders react almost the same way they would react to a bite by other insects. A sore red mark appears at the site of the spider bite.

In some cases, people bitten by a spider wolf may have a severe allergic reaction. If the symptoms worsen quickly or the person generally feels unwell, they should seek immediate medical attention.

Some of the symptoms that could signal an allergic reaction after a wolf spider bite include:

  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Breathing difficulties
  • A rash around the bitten area

While wolf spiders may look dangerous, they are not. They only bite when they feel threatened. Their bite stings and leaves a red mark, but not a deadly or dangerous bite. If you ever get bitten by a wolf spider, use an ice pack for immediate relief. Also, you can use an anti-itch ointment, or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication can help relieve swelling and itching.

Four Tips To Prevent Wolf Spiders From Coming Inside

Preventing wolf spiders from invading your home is better than dealing with an infestation. Since wolf spiders don't establish or live in colonies like common spiders, preventing an infestation is relatively easy.

Here are tips to keep wolf spiders away from your home.

  1. Vacuum regularly to keep Insects off your Home. One of the effective preventive strategies you can deploy to keep wolf spiders off your home is to keep it free from food sources for insects. Considering that wolf spiders eat insects, vacuuming your home regularly keeps insects at bay, and wolf spiders will find your home less attractive if you eliminate their food source. Be sure to clean all hidden areas and corners of your home.
  2. Declutter and Clear away Debris. Wolf spiders usually dwell under stones, debris, and leaves. Thus, decluttering your backyard and home is a crucial step in eliminating the trash that attracts spiders and insects – their food source. So, clear away piles of firewood, compost, and leaves, as this will make your home less attractive to wolf spiders and other pests.
  3. Seal Gaps, Crevices, and Cracks. Closing off all entry points is essential to prevent unwelcome guests from invading your house. The cracks in brickwork, under the door, and even the gaps in your vents will provide a way for the wolf spiders to enter your home. Consider using copper mesh blockers to plug all larger gaps around waste pipes and eaves carefully. Also, you can use expanding foam spray to fill smaller gaps and crevices.
  4. Get Rid of Card Boxes. Most wolf spiders find card boxes cozy and spacious. Eliminate all empty boxes from the attic, basement, and other rooms. Avoiding clutter that creates crevices and dark spaces will discourage wolf spiders from invading your home.

Professional Pest Control Keeps The Wolf Spiders Away

Professional pest control services can help keep spiders, including wolf spiders, away from your home. Indeed, reputable pest management companies like Ventura Pest Control can help create a spider control and prevention strategy. This is an effective strategy to get rid of spiders in your home and successfully prevent future spider infestations.

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