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Why are Swarming Wasps & Bees More Aggressive in the Fall Season in Santa Barbara, CA

Have you noticed that wasp and bee populations seem to be much worse now that the fall weather has started to hit in our neck of the woods? Many of us assume that they will start to go dormant during the winter and we shouldn’t have to worry about them now that the temperature is starting to cool. However, wasps and bees seem to be taking over now that fall has hit and it has people wondering why. Ventura Pest Control is here to talk about stinging insects and why they still need to be controlled during the fall season.

Reason for Increased Stinging Insect Population

The added amount of stinging insects in the fall come from the fact that these species have reached their maximum population in the fall. They are just coming out of hibernation during the spring and early summer and will continually be reproducing during these warm months. By the time fall has come, there are simply more of them around.

Wasps & Bees are More Aggressive in the Fall

Not only have you seen that there seem to be more wasps and bees in the fall, but they also seem to be more aggressive as well. There are a couple of reasons that you may be noticing this behavior during this time of the year.
– They are preparing for the winter and protecting their queen. This means that they are going to be more protective of their hive during this time. As their food sources get fewer and fewer, this aggression will only get worse.
– During the fall, the flowers and other sources of sugars and carbohydrates will start to be fewer and less readily available. When this happens, they will be looking for other sources of food that may include the foods and drinks you leave around after a fall time BBQ.
– All summer long, there are more and more hives and nests that are accumulating. As these get bigger, they will send off foragers that will be looking for food that will be able to sustain the entire nest or hive throughout the winter.

Locating Wasp Nests & Bee Hives

If you are finding there is an added amount of stinging insects on your property this fall, it is probably because there is at least one nest or hive somewhere. The easiest way to locate these hives and nests is to watch the insects themselves. They will be flying in and out of these areas as they are coming and going with food for the winter.

Stinging Insect Control

If you find that there are nests or high amounts of stinging insect activity on your property, it is important that you don’t handle them yourself. This can lead to injury if you happen to get stung. The professionals at Ventura Pest Control have the experience and the expertise needed to handle these nests safely. Call us today!

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