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Where Do Insects Go in the Winter Time in Moorpark, CA? Hibernate in Your Home & More

When you are dealing with pests many people are happy to see the drop in the temperature outside. The reason is that it seems as if the amount of pests that you are dealing with will decrease. The cold weather is not ideal for many pests and people alike. You will see people running from the car to the house faster than they did in the summer. They also are making plans around meeting indoors instead of at parks and backyards. That is because it is just not as comfortable to be out in the cold so the house is the better option. The problem with pests is that they are actually quite similar. Now all pests can survive the cold winter where they thrive but they do have a few options.

Ventura Pest Control Explains How a Cold Winter Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Less Bugs!

Some Pests Migrate: One of the ways that some pests are able to manage the cold weather is by staying away from it. The term migration is often used when talking about birds but it can also be used for some types of pests as well. Butterflies and even dragonflies are two pests that will use migration to get through the cold. That is because their travels keep them ahead of the cold climate and allow them to last the whole year. This is a natural instinct that they have so that they have the time to lay their eggs in an area that is safe for the spring. The offspring come out in the warmer weather and the process starts all over again.
Some Insects & Pests Hibernate: There are some pests that will just stay put in the cold winter months. They have a special mechanism that allows them to live in a state of hibernation. This is a term that is used to refer to bears but is also for other wildlife and many pests as well. They find a place that will be protected and sit out the cold. Their body is able to survive even when ice starts to develop in their body. The great thing is that in the warmer months they can start to warm up and come out of hibernation. They will pick up right where they left off.
Some Pests Die in the Winter Time: Lastly there are some pests that just don’t have the ability to get through the winter but they also don’t have the know how on migrating. That is why the option that they have is to die when it finally gets too cold. They will attempt to get to a warmer place such as your house or garage. The ones that have not made the move will die in the frigid temperatures. The species is able to continue on because before their demise they were smart enough to deposit their eggs in a safe spot to emerge when the spring weather sets in.

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The pests that overwinter in your home will awaken in spring or even on a particularly warm day during winter. Ventura Pest Control can come out to your home or office and treat for pests all year long. Call us today to set up your service.

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