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Where Do Black Widow Spiders Go in the Winter Time in Chatsworth, CA & How to Keep them Out!

Where they are nothing to be messed with, black widows have a proceeding reputation. As a menacing critter that is best left alone, their toxic bites, characteristics and behavior have them painted as terrifying. The females baring the red hourglass shaped mark on their backs add to their malice and these pitch black are even more venomous than a rattlesnake. Today, we at Ventura Pest Control would like to share black widow basics and their fall/winter behavior with winter fast approaching, and the fall season in full swing.

Black Widow Venom

The black widow spider is perhaps the most feared spider in the U.S. due to the potency of its venom. Should black widow spiders match their aggressiveness with the potency of its venom people would be at far greater risk of these fearsome spiders. Though black widows are shy, they will usually only bite humans in self defense such as when they feel threatened. When the temperatures drop, even in California, black widows will overwinter.

Where Do Black Widows Live?

Black widow spiders stay outdoors for the most part. Black widows tend to build irregular, erratic looking webs that they spin in crevices or recesses within sprinkler valve boxes, rock piles, block walls, and undersides of patio furniture. Outdoor sheds, playground equipment, and garages are other popular spots to find black widows.

How Do Black Widows Survive Winter?

In a state known as overwintering, black widow spiders retreat when it is cold enough. To hunker down for the season as temperatures drop, black widows look for warmer locations to retreat to. Just like a hibernating bear,
after the black widow spider enters a storage shed, garage or home, she may find a suitable, safe place to overwinter. The spider’s metabolic rate slows in order to conserve energy. Black widows are not harmed due to their adaptabilities to live through cold months in a low-energy state. They tuck their legs and fall dormant usually, when their temperatures consistently reach under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders

In spring, black widow spiders emerge and will start mating through early summer. The young spiders continue to grow into adults during the spring and summer and mature by mid to late summer. Adult widows are most prevalent through late summer and fall. Below are a few tips to help prevent an infestation.
1) Searching in the garage or shed, especially in the otherwise undisturbed areas be sure to wear gloves in the dark corners, particularly if there are spider web remnants.
2) The home needs to be kept as clutter free as possible and all entry points need to be sealed.
3) Ensure weather stripping is in place and in good condition, be sure the window screens intact.

Spider Extermination

Throughout the Greater Southern California area, the certified professionals of Ventura Pest Control are readily available if you know or even suspect black widows are moving into your outdoor garage, structures, or inside the home. To help prevent infestations or remove any infestations, our experts use state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products to ensure effective results. Contact us today!

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