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Where Do Ant Infestations Go in Winter & Why Do Ants Come in the House when It’s Hot in Calabasas, CA?

For many people the transition from cold weather that the winter brings to the warmth of spring might be sooner than others. If you are starting to see signs that the weather is changing it might be time to be on the look out for pests. The signs that you can start to look for are when the plants start to bloom. Those trees that lost all their leaves will start to have buds that are coming back. Those pesky weeds that come up between your rocks and other landscape will start to rear their ugly head. You can also of course start to see the temperature go up. When these things are starting to happen you need to be ready to deal with the pests that have been waiting for this time as well. There are many pests that don’t do well in the winter so when the spring hits they come out of the wood work. You want to make sure you are prepared to deal with them. Ventura Pest Control outlines what you can do to deal with ants when the weather gets warm.

Where Do Ants Go in the Middle of Cold Winter

Ants that you see when the weather is warm don’t just die and disappear when the cold weather hits. The cold weather sends them to a place so that they can survive. Most ant species will head underground and stay in their tunnels while the weather is cold. They are not equipped to live through the cold so they will collect food and keep it to last until it is warm. They are just waiting for the ground to be warm enough to come back out and start to collect food again. When the weather just starts to warm up you will likely start to see ants around your yard and even in your house.

How to Keep Ants from Coming in House

When it comes to pests of all kinds they are looking for a few common things. They need to have access to a place to live, food to eat and water or some form of moisture. These are all things that they can find in your house. One thing about ants is that if one of them finds food in your house you will see the whole working colony. The colony will create a line of workers that will come in the house and head for the food and then walk out with their portion. Ants are so small that they can find access to your home is a tiny spot. You want to make sure that you seal off some areas of the home that ants can get in and also keep crumbs and food cleaned up.

Ant Control

The other part of dealing with pests of any kind is to make sure that you keep up with professional preventive pest control services. The more barrier that you are able to keep around your home the easier it will be to keep pests out of your house. Professional exterminators like Ventura Pest Control can treat the perimeter of your house to help deter pests from getting in. If you start to have a problem with ants or other pests, we can come out and treat the issue right away. Call us today!

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