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What Attracts Mice in Your House & How to Get Rid of Rodents in Westlake Village, CA

There are some pests that will send you running when you see one in the house. One of the pests that no one wants to see in their home and even on their property are mice. They are a pest that can be messy and will start to invade in many areas of your life. They are a pest that has no cleanliness when it comes to where they feed, urinate and defecate. They will use the bathroom anywhere and everywhere which means that you can come across it or your children can. You want to make sure that you do what you can to keep the mice out of your house but also find where they are gaining access and stopping that. This will stop any more of the mice from getting in but there is much more that is needed to get the mice out that are in there. Most people will use bait and traps to get the mice out of your house.

Ventura Pest Control Outlines How to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls of Your House

Mouse Snap Traps to Get Rid of Mice: If you want to go with a method that is used often and can be set by a professional and even sometimes a homeowner, then go with a snap trap. The snap trap is something that you can set but it is best to know what you’re doing first. The snap can go off while you are trying to set it and that can cause some pain if you get your finger in there. Some bait of food can be placed and then the snap trap set. The food is what will help bring the mice to the trap and when they hit the plate the trap will go off. The trap will stop the mouse in their tracks and you can safely dispose of them. If you want to be able to use the trap again you will need to be able to take the mouse out and reset the trap. Some people will choose to take the trap and the mouse out and thrown them both away.
Bait on Mouse Trap: The next thing that you can do to try and combat the presence of mice in your home is to use bait. The bait has to have a poison that can kill off the mice otherwise all your doing is feeding them. The best way to do that is to set out the bait in areas that you know that mice are traversing. The problem is that the bait can be dangerous to other wildlife and animals that might come across it. You want to only let bait used if you are having a professional do it for you.
Glue Traps for Mice: If you want another option that won’t poison the mouse or snap their neck then a glue trap may be best for you. The glue traps are also placed where the mice are traveling and along their paths. The glue is strong enough that if the mouse passes they will become attached and stuck. You can then remove the trap and the mouse and toss them in a garbage can. Be sure that if you have a mouse infestation you call out a professional right away.

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