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What Attracts Cricket Infestations in Your Chatsworth, CA House & How to Keep Chirping Crickets Out!

That familiar chirp-chirp of a cricket is a sound many know. Produced by the friction of their upper wings when they rub them together it is the male cricket declaring is love to a female. Though few find the enchanting song charming, most people get annoyed with nightly noise too fast. We at Ventura Pest Control would like to relate some of the basic fundamentals today being that house crickets are a common pest in California.

What Do House Crickets Look Like?

The light brown primary coloring of their body and the three dark bands across their heads help make house crickets more identifiable. These pests reach about 3/4 of an inch in length have large back legs, wings, and long antennae. Nymphs are wingless, but otherwise, appear as adults.

Where Do House Crickets Live Inside & Outside Your House?

Warm and moist environments make a good place for crickets. Around homes, crickets are usually in woodpiles and in mulch and when they invade homes, they often congregate near heaters, kitchens and fireplaces. In various areas of the structure, crickets can be found. To avoid being a predators next meal, crickets escape into homes to find refuge as well as from extreme weather conditions. Because of the loud and continuous chirping that seem to go on all night long, as crickets are more active at night, homeowners are particularly annoyed by crickets. Plant matter and dead insects are the main part of their diet.

House Cricket Lifespan

The females will find damp soil or a moist area to lay approximately 100 eggs in and male crickets will chirp songs to seduce their mates and afterwards, as we mentioned. In the spring months they take 2-3 months to mature, once hatched, the nymphs will emerge. Especially around the trash bins and upholstered furniture and clothes, homeowners can find house crickets hiding the different warm areas inside their homes and around the yard. We recommend checking these locations first if you suspect house crickets or hear their songs.

Chirping Crickets

Often producing a series of two or three short, high-pitched sounds, the male house crickets are commonly known to chirp. Their songs are heard at night. They make noises by rubbing their fore-wings together and being nocturnal as mentioned. Particularly if they are stained with food and sweat, crickets are attracted to fabrics like wool, silk, cotton and leather. Showing an unraveled appearance, they will feed on these fabrics. Running into these pests can be a little unsettling as well.

Cricket Pest Control

First entering the U.S. in pet and fishing stores, house crickets originated from Asia and first entered the U.S. They are now heavily populated by wild species in the eastern portion of the country as well as parts of Southern California. Making infestations fairly common, these pests are now reaching homes across the country. By ventilating moist areas, homeowners can reduce house cricket infestations. Eliminate eggs and adults by vacuuming on a routine basis. Pest control application in addition to professional. To schedule your preventative maintenance or deal with any infestations, call Ventura Pest Control today.

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