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Termites In Southern California

Termites in Southern California areas are ideal for the perpetuation of termites. Each year these termites swarm, randomly looking for a new place to establish a colony. Over time, these pests can infest your home and cause severe damage to what is likely your greatest investment.

Annual termite inspections are a form of preventive maintenance. Preventative maintenance is almost always less expensive than the costs you could face with whole house treatments and major wood repairs.

About Termites In Southern California

Termite Inspections

Termites In Southern CaliforniaFull Termite Inspection & Fast Escrow Reports.

Let us help you protect your #1 investment by having your home professionally inspected for wood destroying organisms by one of our professional termite inspectors.

We inspect the interior, exterior, the subarea and attic of your home or business for signs of wood destroying pests and organisms, including termites, fungus as well as conditions that could be conducive to future infestations and infections.

We will give you a report listing all our findings, and if any, the cost to treat and repair the problem areas.

Selling your home or commercial property? We’ve made escrow inspections a special part of our business and it can make all the difference in making your selling experience a satisfying one. After a full and thorough inspection, we make it our business to get your termite report to you and your escrow company as promptly as possible.

Drywood Termite Treatment

Termites In Southern CaliforniaTraditional or Green Alternatives

Drywood Termites build their colonies within the wood of your home and Southern California’s warm humid conditions are ideal for their proliferation.

From complete structural fumigation (tenting), to local/spot treatments with tree oils, boric acid products and thermal heat, Ventura Pest Control will design a custom solution that will fit your needs.

Subterranean Termite

Termites In Southern CaliforniaLike their name states, Subterranean Termites live in the soil and travel via mud tubes up to the wood of your home.

Nothing gets rid of subterranean termites better than Termidor HE. Its Americas #1 termite defense with over 2 million homes treated since 2000, proven to be effective in the most challenging situations, climates and environments.

Made from a revolutionary new technology, termites cant see, smell, taste or avoid Termidor. Instead they contact, ingest, and share it with their nest mates. Its superior to older liquid termite controls, which rely on repellent barriers that termites can too easily avoid. If there’s a concrete slab around the structure, holes are drilled approximately every twelve inches around the perimeter and Termidor is injected into the soil under the slab. Later, the holes are expertly patched. If there is soil, a trench approximately six inches deep is dug along the foundation. The trench is then filled with Termidor and allowed to absorb into soil for several minutes. The trench is then completely refilled with soil.

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