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Pigeon Bird Problems in Thousand Oaks, CA; Diseases Caused By Droppings & Feathers etc

Pigeons love to live in the city because there’s lots of food and water available, they don’t have many predators to contend with and there are ample places for them to live for free. This can be unfortunate because these places include window ledges, rooftops, bridges and parks, etc. All of these provide pigeons with a perfect substitute for ledges found in nature to roost and nest. The damage that pigeons can cause with materials they use to nest, along with their droppings can be costly.

Damage & Diseases Caused by Pigeons

1. Pigeon droppings problem on roof of house. Bird droppings are highly acidic and will wear out most roofing materials if left to accumulate. This can cause leaks and decrease the length of time the roof will last. The accumulation of bird droppings can cut the life expectancy of a roof in half. Roofs can even collapse under the pressure. Birds like to build nests in the corner of roofs or in the drains and the gutters. These blockages can cause water to pool and lead to collapsed roofs.
2. Machinery and structure damage from pigeons. Machinery and structures can get damaged from acidic bird droppings. This includes air conditioning equipment as well as exterior surfaces such as roofing and siding. This can make machinery dangerous when it is operated and homes or businesses a hazard when worked around.
3. Pigeon ceiling damage risk. Pigeons like to roost in attics of homes and other buildings that have any exposed openings. Once they set up a home in these areas, droppings will start to accumulate and can cause the ceiling to collapse when the weight gets to be too much.
4. Bird poop etching on car. Paint finishes can be damaged on vehicles when it’s exposed to bird droppings by wearing the protective coating away. The longer it sits on the paint, the more damage it will do.
5. HVAC pigeon damage. Birds build nests in chimneys and ventilation systems. This can prevent proper air circulation and spread disease through the system. This can make you very sick and can be deadly if the air becomes contaminated with carbon monoxide.
6. Pigeon nest fire risk. The material that birds use to make nests can become fire hazards. These materials include straw, twigs and dried droppings that are flammable. These can ignite when nests are built near electrical equipment. Many companies that use electric signs have fallen victim to fires cause by the nesting material that birds use.

Nuisance Bird Control

If pigeons continue to hang around without any efforts to stop them, it can cause damage and money. The best way to avoid problems with pigeons is to stop feeding them, whether it’s intentional or not. If you leave food laying around outside, you will have pigeons. If you feed pigeons intentionally, they will reproduce, increase their numbers and result in a bigger problem. If you cut off their food supply, they will go elsewhere. There are also steps that can be taken to discourage roosting and nesting. Contact Ventura Pest Control to find out how.

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