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Overcoming Fear of Bugs in Newbury Park, CA; How to Cope with Loathed Insects, Dangerous Pests & More

As you go throughout your daily routines have you ever been scared of something? Here at Ventura Pest Control we do not think that anyone can say that they have never been scared of something. What you are afraid of will differ from person to person. Some common things to be afraid of are heights, flying in an airplane, losing a loved one, your physical safety, bugs, dying, and more. Today we want to spend some time talking about people that are afraid of bugs.

How Common is Entomophobia?

A study done by Chapman University shows that 25% of participants were afraid of insects and/or spiders. This is more than the number of people who said they were afraid of becoming the victim of a violent crime, germs, or even dying. If you are someone that has an excessive or unrealistic fear of one or more classes of insect you have entomophobia. As people have studied those with entomophobia we have uncovered a few common reasons that this fear exists for people.

Insects & Pests are Loathed

One reason that many people are afraid of bugs is that they think bugs are disgusting. It is interesting to study why thinking something that is disgusting causes us to be afraid. Scientists have actually shown that disgust and fear are closely related in our minds. Both fear and disgust cause us to have a rejection response. Rejection response is when we want to keep something unfamiliar or disgusting away from us. It is a very natural response to things that we disgust and things that we fear. The more that we have this rejection the more cemented into our heads the response becomes.

Dangerous Bugs

Another common reason that people fear bugs is because they see an actual danger in that bug. Sometimes this danger is based on accurate information but other times it is not. There are indeed some insects and pests that can cause harm. This harm can come in the form of physical harm to humans or harm to your home. Many times people are afraid of bugs for unrealistic reasons. If they would take some time to research the bug they may find that their fear will lessen.

Bug Anxiety from Past Experience

We have found that past experiences cause a person to fear certain insects. They may have been bitten by an insect in the past that has resulted in their fear of that insect or all insects. Maybe they know someone that has had an allergic reaction to a bug bite and they are traumatized by that. Allergic reactions to bug bites can be quite scary at times. Other people may have watched a movie or heard a story about insects wreaking havoc in people’s lives that then cause them to fear insects. Past experiences frequently play a large part in the back story of why people are scared of insects.

Pest Management

If you or anyone in your home is afraid of insects one of the best things that you can do to ease their fear is make sure that you have Ventura Pest Control come out and spray your home on a regular basis. Knowing that services are being provided to reduce the amount of bugs on your property should help put their mind at ease. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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