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Old Wives Tales About Nuisance Birds in Thousand Oaks, CA; Are Nesting Pigeons Tame or Aggressive & More

People frequently have strong opinions on different types of animals. If you mention dogs some people will swoon about their wonderful dogs while others will express their disgust over them. There does seem to be a few animals that most people have the same opinion of though. Pigeons are one of these animals. There are not very many people that have a favorable opinion of pigeons. Since so many different people have a strong dislike for pigeons they share information about pigeons whenever they get brought up. Routinely the information that they are sharing about pigeons simply is not true. Today Ventura Pest Control is going to bust some of the myths that you may currently believe about pigeons.

Do Birds Explode when they Eat Rice, Pop Rocks or Baking Soda?

Teenagers across the country have enjoyed talking about how you can make pigeons explode by feeding them different things. One myth on this topic is that a pigeon’s stomach can explode if you feed them rice. The theory on this myth is that since they cannot digest the rice it will make them explode eventually. This is simply just not true. Pigeons can indeed digest uncooked rice. Even if they could not digest it though the rice would not make them explode.

Are Pigeons Long Distance Flying Birds?

The next myth that we are going to address today is that pigeons can fly thousands of miles per day. For years people have marveled over the concept of pigeons being able to fly thousands of miles in a single day. This is a large exaggeration of their actual flying capability. Pigeons have been known to fly hundreds of miles in a single day, but not thousands.

Are Nesting Pigeons Tame or Aggressive?

Next up is the idea that pigeons are peaceful creatures. Pigeons are frequently in areas where they are near humans on a regular basis. Normally they do appear rather calm. People take this information and assume that pigeons are always peaceful birds. However, if you approach their nest they will become aggressive. This is part of what makes pigeons so hard to get rid of. If you have pigeons on your property they will become aggressive if you try to remove their nest.

Do All Pigeons Looks the Same?

Our fourth myth is that all pigeons look similar to each other. This is just a myth. Most of the time pigeons are different variations of white, grey, and black. They actually can also be red, white, blue-black, and gray. Pigeons can also have different types of feathers.

Are Pigeons Smart or Dumb?

The last myth we are going to bust today is that pigeons are stupid. This could not be further from the truth. Countless studies have shown that pigeons are actually extremely intelligent. Pigeons can be taught to perform complex actions and remember images for several years. This is definitely something that not all animals can do.

Pigeon & Nuisance Bird Control

Ventura Pest Control hopes that you have learned something new about pigeons today. If you end up with pigeons on your property you know that the fact that pigeons can be hard to get rid of is not a myth. We specialize in helping you get rid of any pigeons that might be on your property. Give us a call today so that we can come out and take a look at your house and help you device a plan to get rid of them.

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