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Nightmare Halloween Insects, Creepy Spiders & Scary Rodents in Calabasas, CA

There is a time of year that people love to find the best things to cause a scare. You want to make sure you have something that looks realistic and you can hide but it can also be seen. The fall season kicks off with a fun holiday; Halloween. It is a time that kids get dressed up and go around their neighborhood asking for candy. This is a fun time for kids that want to get out and become something that they are not. It is also a time that most people are looking over their shoulder to ensure something isn’t there ready to jump out and scare them. There are some pests that you may not want around your house except during this time of year. Well you still don’t want the real thing but a replica is the way to go. They are the pests that most people find creepy, crawly and scary. Ventura Pest Control outlines what pests are used most to scare people during Halloween.

Scary Spiders

One of the pests that are sure to put some fear in people’s day are eight legged arachnids hanging from an ominous web. When it comes to spiders they are used in movies, shows and more to incite people’s fears. Throughout the year there are spiders that can be found around your house that are the top of the list when it comes to the scariest pests. No matter the species of spider you see, they are all creepy in their own way. When the Halloween season comes about you can go to the store and replace your actual creepy spiders with fake ones. You can purchase plastic spiders by the bag and hang them around your house to create the perfect spooky look. Before you get too into the decorating it is a good idea to make sure that the real thing has been treated by a professional.

Terrifying Mice & Rats

When it comes to other pests that are commonly used to cause a scare then mice and rats are right there in the running. They are something you don’t want to see running around your house or jumping out of a cupboard when you open it. They are a pest that in reality can be scary because of the mess that they cause. They chew through the house infesting and contaminating food and other materials. They also can carry diseases that can be transferred to you and your family. Although you don’t want to see them in your house you may want to have a replica on the porch to scare the trick or treaters. They can be the perfect addition to any area of the house during the Halloween season.

Creepy Worms & Centipedes

Another pest that you will see used during the spooky season happens to be worms, centipedes and millipedes. They can be used to scare off kids or used as a way to pretend your food happens to be worms. Noodles are a great way to do that. You can also purchase little plastic worms and centipedes that you can give away as a spooky prize.

Fall Pest Control

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