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I Found a Mouse or See Signs of Mice in My Westlake Village, CA House; Are There More?

You want to make sure you know what to do to keep mice and other pests out of your house. There are lots of things that can start to invite pests in; the food that you might leave out, the gaps in the doors and windows and even the packages you bring inside. When pests start to get in the house you want to make sure that you act right away as any pests that get in can become an infestation quickly. When it comes to pests that can have an effect on your home, family and health; mice are near the top of the list. It is a good idea to know how to tell they are in the home. Ventura Pest Control & Termite offers tell tale signs you are sharing your home with mice.

Mice Chew Food Packages & Boxes

One of the things that you can do to make sure that you are aware of mice in your house is to check the food. The mice that are in the house are looking for a few things and one of the main ones is food to eat. They are able to get access to the food in your house and if you think they are secure you may be mistaken. The boxes and bags of food in your house can be contaminated without you noticing right away. The best thing you can do is to take the boxes and bags out and inspect for signs of chewed corners or chew marks on the sides. There may even be holes that show that they have gained access to the food. You want to make sure you remove the food and throw it out. It is not safe to eat. Call a professional pest technician to start treatment immediately.

Mouse Scratching Sounds at Night

You are not likely going to see mice running around your house while you are out and about during the day. The mice are more scared of you than you are of them if that can be possible. They are good at staying hidden behind walls and under appliances while you are up. When you go to bed at night they are sure to start to moving around in search of food and materials for their nesting. These sounds of scratching and scurrying can be heard while you are trying to sleep. If you hear these sounds at night you want to make sure that you have your home inspected and treated by a pest control professional.

Mouse Droppings

Lastly once mice are in the house you will start to see droppings on the floor, on the shelves and other places as well. They are known to leave their droppings on the floor just about anywhere they are using to travel. You want to make sure that if you see brown to black oblong droppings around your house you take care of it right away.

Rodent Control

Ventura Pest Control & Termite can come out to your house and inspect for signs of mice and make a plan to treat them. Call us today!

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