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How to Tell if You Have a House Mouse Infestation in the Walls of Your Newbury Park, CA Home

You want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your house and not worry about critters that are not supposed to be there. Any unwelcome guest can cause stress and strain on the house. This is not just unannounced family members that have come into town but also pests that are invading your home. Pests are a problem all year long and when the weather starts to cool off it can be worse for some. Mice are a pest that will start to gain access to your house when it is cold to find shelter and food. You want to make sure that you take an infestation of mice seriously for many reasons. They are a pest that can reproduce and become quite large in number. They also have lots of things that make them a real nuisance.

Ventura Pest Control & Termite Outline Signs of Mice in Your House

Mice in Walls Sound: One of the most common ways that people realize they have an infestation of mice is by sound. You don’t always have to see a mouse to know that they are in your house. They are very sneaky and will often be hiding around your house which includes the walls and the attic. When you go to sleep at night and you are trying to rest this is when the mice are out and about and doing their work. That is why at night you will start to hear them moving and getting into things that they need to start nesting. If you are rustling around the walls and the house at night you want to make sure that you call out a pest control company to come and treat the house.
Found Mouse Droppings: The next thing that you want to be on the look out for are the droppings that they leave behind. The great thing is that they are not clean so that means the droppings can be all over the house. They are usually in a line along the edges of the house. That is because that is often where they are walking and moving from one place to the next. The small elongated droppings should be cleaned up carefully so that you do not spread any bacteria or disease that can be found it the droppings and urine. You can use gloves and be sure that you air out the house after you clean up.
Mouse Teeth Marks: They are not only looking for a place to nest but they need to have access to food. You want to be careful when looking at your foods that are stored in the house. Mice are good at chewing through the corner of the dog food bag, box of cereal or any other food item that is in the house. IF you see signs that something that been chewing through your food it is a good idea to discard that food and to call out a professional to control the mouse infestation.

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