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How to Prevent & Get Rid of a Turkestan Cockroach Infestation in Santa Barbara, CA

Throughout the world, people identify cockroaches as a common pest that is riddled with disease, bacteria, germs and other contaminants. With so many types of roaches, each with their own characteristics and similar traits, cockroaches are a troublesome pest to deal with when they infiltrate homes and businesses. Where there are several species in California, some more common than others, we at Ventura Pest Control would like to take the opportunity to discuss the fundamentals concerning Turkestan Cockroaches.

What Do Turkestan Cockroaches Look Like?

When it comes to Turkestan cockroaches, there are some physical characteristics that differ from male to female. For example, the females have a fairly distinct cream-colored markings behind their head and along the edges of their body as the primary colors range from dark brown to black in color. The female’s wings are short and rounded with lightly colored strips along the edges. The females also are approximately 1” in length on average. The males are generally the smaller of the sexes but share the margins as the females on their wings, however, the tips extend past their abdomen and their coloring spans from orange to red shades.

Turkestan Cockroach Behavior

Turkestan cockroaches prefer staying outside, though they will wonder indoors if the opportunity arises when population and the weather is at the highest during the peak summertime. Males are more likely to invade since they have a more natural draw to light, encouraging them to get closer to structures. When sticking to the outdoors, these roaches are nesting beneath compost piles, fallen leaves in potted plants, in addition to in proximity to water and electrical meter boxes. Like the majority of cockroaches, Turkestan cockroaches are more active during the night.

Turkestan Cockroach Life Cycle

With 3 developmental stages, Turkestan cockroaches experience the egg, nymph, and adult stages during a normal lifespan. When these roaches are compared to Oriental cockroaches, their development stages are shorter, females produce considerably more eggs, and other biological differences have given them the ability to out-compete and replace the Oriental cockroach population in many locations.

Where are Turkestan Cockroaches Found?

Since these cockroaches are drawn to the light and are readily seen flying around at night in addition to not being so quick to dart away when the lights come on, people usually know when the Turkestan cockroaches are invading. These roaches are readily found in cities along the Southwest, Southeast, and recent reports have found a number of them in the Northeast in addition to most of California. These roaches are also abundant internationally, such as in the Middle East, northeastern Africa, India, and Central Asia. This species will likely continue to spread throughout the rest of the country with their ability to take over Oriental roach territory as well as being a common food source for breeders, particularly reptile breeders.

Cockroach Control

Turkestan cockroaches are difficult to control without professional assistance with their increase in egg production and the shorter developmental stages. They continue to populate the area quickly once they gain access to your home or business. To ensure they are efficiently eliminated, call Ventura Pest Control and let our certified professionals take care of the rest.

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