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How to Prepare to Stop Spring Bug & Pest Infestations in Your Chatsworth, CA House or Apartment

Spring is just around the corner and before we know it, the weather will be warm again! Beach days with friends and longer daylight hours means barbecues and get togethers will soon be in full effect. We are just as ready as you are for some fun in the Sun, but with our perfect Southern California weather comes the return of the bugs. Everybody loves Spring and Summer, but hardly anybody like the bugs associated with the warmer seasons. Do you currently use professional pest control services? Have you ever wondered whether professional pest control services are worth the money? While we are gearing up and prepping our staff for yet another wonderful year, we thought we’d stop by our blog and answer these questions for you today!

Pest Management Safety

It may be tempting to stroll the aisles of your neighborhood home improvement store in search of a bottle of bug spray to use around your home this Spring. But do you know which products are safe to use around your family and pets? Truth is, reputable pest control companies with a strong understanding of integrated pest management are the safest option for treating pests within your home. Especially in homes where elderly persons, children and pets reside. You can never be sure if the product your using is safe to use around little hands, birds, grandparents and paws when you buy it from a store. That’s why it’s important to put your trust into a reputable pest control company who know which products work best for the types of pests your dealing with, as well as the safest products to use within your home.

Is Professional Pest Control Worth It?

Professional pest technicians are specially trained and know where to look to identify specific pest problems. Simply treating for pests is only a portion of having a bug free environment. Quality pest control requires being able to identify which pests are in and around the home, what is attracting them, how they are gaining access to the area they are in and how to keep them out in the future. This solves not only current pest issues, but future ones as well. For example, termites can be difficult for homeowners to detect until they have a real problem on their hands, especially subterranean termites who build their colonies underground. Pest technicians with Ventura Pest Control are specially trained to inspect for insects of all sorts to keep your home safe and pest free.

Pest Control Guarantees & Cost

Reputable pest control companies like Ventura Pest Control offer quality guarantees. This means that we ensure you a pest free home with regular pest control services. If you spot any pests between services, we will come back to treat your home free of charge. You can save yourself money in the long run by hiring professional pest services to regularly inspect and treat your home for problem pests. Southern California is home to a variety of wood destroying organisms that cause millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses each year. The price you pay for regular pest maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line by having someone who is experienced and trained to look for signs of infestations and damages cause by wood destroying organisms and other problem pests.

Professional Pest Management

So, if you’ve ever wondered if professional pest control is right for your home, the answer is yes. You will benefit greatly by allowing us here at Ventura Pest Control to keep your home or business safe pest and pest free. If you would like more information about professional pest services, give us a call! You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

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