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How to Get Rid of Tarantulas & Tarantula Spider Burrows in Your Northridge, CA House & Yard

Seeing a hairy spider in one’s home is enough to make a person run for the hills. The fact that this spider could be a tarantula would give most people the creeps. Don’t get us wrong, there are individuals who are totally into tarantulas and keep them as pets; like Kevin’s brother Buzz in Home Alone. But if the creature is unwanted and unexpected in the sanctuary you call home, it can be an unpleasant experience.

Tarantula Spider Identification

It is easy to identify tarantulas. They are one of the larger species of spiders, as they range from 1 to 4 inches long with a leg span between 3 and 10 inches! For example, the largest type of tarantula is called the Goliath Birdeater. It has a 10-inch leg span and really does eat birds! Tarantulas also have dense hair all over their bodies. This hair helps them navigate their surroundings and assists them in self-defense. Their color ranges from reddish-brown to black. Tarantulas are carnivores and mostly eat insects. Larger tarantulas can eat mice, frogs, lizards, and birds. They are ambush predators and will sneak up on their prey before biting and poisoning it. Like most spiders, tarantulas are venomous. Tarantula bites, however, are not dangerous to humans. If the person bitten is highly allergic to the venom, it can cause the typical symptoms of an allergic reaction. Most tarantulas prefer not to bite but can if they feel threatened and are provoked. A tarantula bite can be compared to a bee sting.

Tarantulas VS Scorpion & Tarantula Hawks

Predators that hunt tarantulas include other arachnids, one example being scorpions. They cross each other’s paths as they both live in desert areas. Scorpions have more powerful venom and claws than tarantulas and therefore have an advantage over them. Tarantula hawks are large wasps who use their venom to paralyze tarantulas and lay their eggs inside them. The tarantula is eaten alive when the eggs hatch.

Where Do Tarantulas Live?

Tarantulas like to live in warm climates, making southern California a perfect environment for them. Most California residents do not see tarantulas until mating season (August to October) when the males are out and about. The males spend most of their time in a burrow and once they find a mate, the males perform a courting ritualize and fertilize the females. They quickly move on, as females can eat the males after mating. The males do not live long following this encounter, but females can live up to 35 years.

How to Keep Tarantulas Away

Because tarantulas are burrowing spiders, they are probably living underground if you see them on your property. They can easily slide through holes and other openings in your home during mating season. To avoid seeing tarantulas in the first place, there are things you can do to make your property unattractive to them. You can start by keeping your yard clean. Be sure to remove any vegetation and debris, as tarantulas can easily build around that. Examples of debris you should get rid of include old logs, boxes, and fallen trees.

Spider Control

If you notice any tarantulas in or around your home, contact Ventura Pest Control right away so we can safely remove them and any other unwanted pests.

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