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How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Bed, Bathtub & More; Occasional Invader Pest Control

Ants, spiders, cockroaches, and perhaps rodents among others are commonly infesting homes and businesses, and most do not seem surprised by these intrusions. However, when earwigs, centipedes, and silverfish known as occasional invaders invade our homes, some may be a little caught off guard when they spot these insects. These insects are more of a nuisance, though they are still capable of being a potential issue beyond that. When these occasional invaders do make their way inside, most people do not even notice their presence until the infestations have grown. Silverfish is one of the occasional invaders California home and business owners may stumble upon and today, we at Ventura Pest Control would like to share the fundamentals.

Silverfish Insect Identification

As a teardrop-shaped bodied insect, silverfish average ½ and ¾ inches in length and have a distinct feature of three long bristles on the rear. They have some advantage with their coloring, typically a brown-gray and bluish-silver color, that is plain and dull to give them an edge. Though they can be found throughout the entire home, being able to adapt to most climates, silverfish are most likely to be crowding the kitchens, attics, and bathrooms, as they are attracted to moisture.

Silverfish Eating Clothes & More

Linens, silk, glue in book binding, shampoos, and other relatable substances are included in the silverfish’s diet as well as carbohydrates, unopened packaged goods, starches, and dead insects. They have an insatiable appetite that results in books, wallpaper, clothing, and especially vintage clothing becoming noticeably damaged.

How Do Silverfish Get in Our Homes?

Silverfish are likely to brought in inadvertently through plastic containers and cardboard boxes or they intrude under the door frames, torn screens, and cracks in the foundation. They are particularly drawn to piled up dishes in the sink that have lingered too long, making it more likely for those with this habit to experience silverfish when compared to someone diligent with housekeeping.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

Though they are not considered a health risk, silverfish have been known to trigger allergies for some people sensitive to them. Silverfish, however, are also known to attract predatory insects, particularly carpet beetles. Around damp corners there may be tiny pepper-like feces, as well as clothing, books, and/or wallpaper damage when silverfish are invading. Silverfish are seen crawling along tubs, sinks, and carboard boxes, usually when their numbers have grown considerably because they are nocturnal and secretive insects.

Prevent & Control Silverfish

Silverfish do exceptionally well in humid environments as the nymphs will develop quicker moist climates. As mentioned, they are adaptable, so controlling the moisture in your home will slow down their reproductivity, but for survival, they require little. With well-managed housekeeping, such as avoiding piled up dishes, clean countertops and floors, you can reduce their growth. Be sure to keep your food supply in pest-proof containers and keep the trash bins secure. Take the time to protect your home from their invasion with quality screens in front of the windows, weather stripping around the doors, and be sure to repair any cracks and gaps in the structure and foundation. Before bringing them inside your home as well, be sure to check all packages and second hand items to minimize the risk. To eliminate your silverfish infestation or provide a safe barrier, call Ventura Pest Control for quality pest control services.

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