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How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Westlake Village, CA; Deterrent Spikes, Bird Slope & More

Pigeons are not a bird that homeowners are hoping will take up residence on their home. Pigeons carry all sorts of diseases that you do not want your family to be exposed to. They can also cause extensive damage to your home. So if you discover that pigeons have made your home their newest residence you probably do not want them to stay. How can you get rid of them?

Installation of Deterrent Bird Spikes

There are many different things that you can try to get rid of any pigeons that you have on your property. The most popular method used for getting pigeons off of your property is to install anti-roosting spike strips. Most of the time pigeons will not be interested in your home if they do not have a place to perch. Installing spikes prevents pigeons from being able to find a place to gather.

Pigeon Repellent String

If the pigeons are gathering in a place where it is not possible to install the spikes you can try installing weatherproof string. You take the string and tie it from one end of the area to the area. If you place it about one inch above the spot where they like to perch the pigeons will not be able to balance anywhere and they will have to fly somewhere else to roost.

Bird Slope, Fake Decoy Owls & More

Another option you can try for making hard for pigeons to roost is to install sloped sheathing. Sheathing is made of metal, plywood, or PVC. These materials make it impossible for pigeons to roost. Making it hard for pigeons to roost is definitely a great first step to getting rid of pigeons. You can also put out some different things outside your home that pigeons are known to not like. Pigeons are afraid of owls and hawks. You can purchase a decoy owl or hawk to put on your property that will scare them away. They are also known to not like wind chimes and balloons.

Feeding Pigeons is Bad

One very important thing that you will want to do is make sure that no one is feeding the pigeons. If you have bird feeders on your property you will want to take them down immediately. If they can find any source of food pigeons will just keep coming back looking for it. Pigeons will eat seeds, berries, and pet food. If they continue finding food they will not give up.

Pigeon Prevention

You will want to make sure that the pigeons cannot get into your home. You can seal off your attic so that they cannot get into your attic. You can also cap your chimney. Pigeons thoroughly enjoy roosting in chimneys. Installing mesh stainless steel caps to prevent the pigeons from getting into your chimney.

Pigeon Control

If you have tried everything that you can to get rid of the pigeons on your property you may need to hire a professional. Ventura Pest Control & Termite offers pigeon control services. We can get rid of the pigeons as well as clean up any mess that they may have already made to your home. We have the correct equipment and protective gear that is sometimes needed to get rid of these pesky birds. Contact us today!

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