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How to Get Rid of Nuisance Birds Pooping on Patio & Nesting in Roof Eaves in Westlake Village, CA

This holiday season you may find yourself watching a large variety of holiday themed movies. For many families across the country watching their favorite holiday movies each and every year is one of their favorite traditions. Here at Ventura Pest Control our employees have some favorite holidays movies too. Today we are going to mention some of our favorite holiday movies that have to do with one of your favorite animals – birds. Before you keep reading see what holiday themed movies that have birds in them you can think of?

When Birds Attack in Halloween Movies

We are going to start with Halloween. When you think of scary movies that feature birds your mind will probably go right to Alfred Hitchkock’s “The Birds” movie. This 1963 horror movie showcases multiple types of birds that randomly start attacking the characters in the movie. Gulls, chickens, crows, and sparrows were all used to instill fear as the movie plot unfolded. Over 50 years later people still watch this movie every Halloween season.

Raven in It’s a Wonderful Life

The next movie that we are going to highlight is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This movie was made in 1946 and is still a Christmas classic decades later. This movie has a sad beginning as George Bailey is contemplating suicide. The movie shows various characters in his life that help him have a change of heart. You may be wondering what bird is in this movie. If you go back and watch it again you will notice Uncle Jimmy’s raven debuts three times during the film.

Home Alone Two Pigeon Scene

Last but certainly not least are the 1990 hits “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2.” People have laughed for years at these Christmas comedies as they watch Kevin, a young boy, outsmart two adult criminals in a variety of humorous pranks. You may remember the friendly New York City pigeon lady in the second Home Alone film.

Nuisance Bird Damage, Health Risks & Noise

These three movies highlight a variety of birds in them. While we may enjoy watching birds in movies most people do not enjoy having birds on their property or office building. Ventura Pest Control talks to many different people that are looking for a way to get rid of the birds that are on their property. Luckily we have some tried and true techniques and equipment that we use to help get rid of your unwanted birds. If you have birds on your property you are well aware of the messes that they can create for you. One of the largest issues is the amount of bird poop. Bird droppings on your home or office building, cars, sidewalks, and more are so unattractive and annoying to deal with. Add that to the damage that they can cause to your home, especially on your roof. Another complaint is the noise that the birds make.

Roosting Bird Control

If you have any of these complaints give Ventura Pest Control a call. We are an authorized installed of “Bird B Gone” products. “Bird B Gone” is a company that produces bird exclusion devices. We have had tremendous success with their products. Give us a call so that we can get rid of the birds on your property today.

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