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How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Simi Valley, CA House or Apartment & Keep Rodents Away

Most people have been ready for the change in the weather. We love to see the temperature drop and the leaves start to change color. This all means that the fall season is upon us. We are all ready to get out our cool weather attire and keep warm in the house. You might find yourself switching on the heater and enjoying some time by the fire. Just like we try and cool off in the summer we try and keep warm in the fall and the winter. The problem is there are other critters and pests out there trying to do the same thing. Your plants may not be thriving but that does not mean all living have gone dormant. There are lots of pests that need to find a place to stay warm as well and one of the main and most common intruders are mice. They need to have space that they can stay warm and your house is a great place to start. Ventura Pest Control outlines what you need to do to keep mice out of your house.

How Do Mice Get in the House?

The first and most important part of protecting your house from mice is understanding how they are getting in the house. If you notice signs of mice in the house that means there are access points they are using. They won’t stroll in the house through your front door but find a sneaky way to gain access. You want to ask a professional about coming out and inspecting the home for areas that are concerning. They can see spots that a mice would use to get in the house. Most people assume the area around the base of the house are the only spots to worry about. The fact is that mice can climb and will do that to get access to your house. You want to make sure that any and all gaps are filled in and covered to make sure that you are not a victim of a mouse invasion.

What Attracts Mice to Your House or Apartment?

You also have to make sure you know what the mice are after. They are similar to what we all are looking for. They want to find a place that is warm so they can stay out of the cold. They also want to have access to food that they can eat just like us. That is why you want to make sure you are keeping the house sealed but food out of their grasp as well. Leaving out dog or pet food can be a huge attraction for mice. They also can use the crumbs that you leave on the counters and floors as well. Be sure to keep food cleaned up and sealed in plastic Tupperware.

Rodent Control

You want to also make sure you are keeping up on your pest control services. The technician can come out and make sure that if there are mice present they can treat for rodents right away. The more on top of pests you are the easier it is and less likely it will turn into a major infestation. Ventura Pest Control can come out to your house to inspect for mice. Call us today to have your home treated.

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