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Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Bite? How to Prevent & Control a Roach Infestation in Calabasas, CA

Cockroaches are often described as gruesome looking critters and they are known around the globe. The different species around the world have similarities and differences, however, most can trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Additionally, they carry diseases, germs, bacteria, and viruses that they easily spread as they crawl over a surface where food is prepared or even on the food itself. As they forage for food, water and things to nest with, any cockroach is also capable of destroying your home and possessions. In California, there are many cockroaches that are in the area, but today, we at Ventura Pest Control would like to elaborate on Smoky Brown Cockroaches.

Smoky Brown Cockroach Identification

These uniformly black-mahogany colored cockroaches are scientifically called Periplaneta fuliginous and average 1 ½ inches in length. By the time they are adults, they have fully developed wings that extend to the tip of the abdomen. As nymphs, smoky brown cockroaches have long antennae that have white tips.

Where Do Smoky Brown Cockroaches Live?

The ground floor, basements, on top of leaky roofs and around standing water; smoky brown cockroaches tend to stick to damp places. Under stacks of wood in sewer openings, and in exposed garbage, smoky brown roaches are frequently found. With their functional wings, these roaches fly through any opening and will easily squeeze in cracks, holes, and gaps in the siding or foundation to gain access to homes and businesses. They are drawn indoors because they are particularly attracted to light as they roam in the darkness of night. Sticking to places with moisture, living outdoors, these cockroaches are found beneath leaf litter, mulch, in tree bark, and under wood piles. They will also make tree holes and canopies of palm trees their home and finding a greenhouse is a special paradise for smoky brown cockroaches. They will also take refuge and take advantage of gardens, flowerbeds and block walls.

Diet of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Typically, out looking for the next meal and water, these bugs are commonly seen during late dusk or early dawn hours. Their diets can include sweets, starches, meats, dead insects, and fecal matter as they are opportunistic feeders, like most other cockroaches. Cockroaches have been known to feed on human eyelashes, fingernails and on food residue that has accumulated around the mouths of infants but these cases are extremely rare and not likely to happen unless you have a very serious infestation in your home.

Smoky Brown Cockroach Life Cycle; Roaches Need Water

Female smoky brown cockroaches lay egg capsules, up to 17 with around 24 eggs in each capsule. It can take between 10 and 12 months from the time they hatch to the time they mature into adulthood, depending on the environment. These cockroaches require moist conditions and will dry up quick without a constant water source, as these roaches are more of a tropical cockroach. They tend to avoid excessively dry places with a sizable current of air, such as an air vent for example, so they do not dry out. More often than not, randomly found smoky brown roaches that are dead are dehydrated.

Cockroach Prevention & Control

You can deter smoky brown cockroaches from coming inside by keeping doors and windows closed, have your home sealed, and by controlling the moisture in your home. Be sure to avoid clutter and keep trash can lids in place and protect your food by storing it in air tight containers. Call Ventura Pest Control today to treat your cockroach infestation!

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