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Control of Cold Weather Fall Pests in Canoga Park, CA; Mice, Rats, Ants, Spiders & More

As the seasons change throughout the year it affects many things besides just the weather. The clothes in your closet have to rotate to accommodate for the weather outside. Your activities will change according to the weather. The rodents and insects that you see frequently also change with the seasons. The pests and insects that you see most often during the summer are not the same ones that you will see during the winter. So what can you expect to start seeing over the next few months here in Southern California?

Mice & Rat Rodents

As the weather cools down rodents will start looking for somewhere to stay warm. They know that your home is warm so they will start looking for any possible way to get into your house that they can. They like to get in through broken screens, gaps in your walls, and holes in your roof. Once they get into your home they will find a place to make a nest for themselves and settle in for as long as you will let them stay. You can help keep them out of your home by taking a look at your home and fixing any areas where they may be able to squeeze into your home. Fix those gaps, cracks, and holes now before you end up with a rodent problem that can be hard to get rid of.
The three most common rodents that you will deal with here in Southern California are rats, mice, and squirrels. Getting rid of these rodents can be a pain. If you find yourself with any of these rodents in your home give Ventura Pest Control a call. We can come out and help you get rid of them.


During the summer ants enjoy the warm summer weather outdoors. There are always lots of things for the ants to eat outside. In the summer many people spend lots of time outdoors eating yummy food. Ants get to feast on popsicles, BBQ leftovers, candy, and more all summer long. When it begins to get cold or it starts to rain ants will want to come inside to your warm home. They are looking for a way to get food and make themselves a comfortable home.
To prevent ants you can make sure that you keep all of your food carefully secured so that the ants cannot get into it. Most of the time they come into your house at first because they found an easy food source to live on in your home. Just like preventing rodents, fixing any gaps, cracks, and holes in your home where ants might be able to come in through is a great preventative measure.

Black Widow Spiders

Since the weather here in Southern California is so mild, black widow spiders love to live here! Instead of finding a nice warm place to hide for the winter like they have to in cities where the weather is colder, they like to just come out and enjoy the beautiful weather here in the Los Angeles area.

Pest Management

If you struggle with rodents, ants, or black widow spiders this fall, Ventura Pest Control can come out and help you. We recommend that before the weather cools down all the way that you have us come out and treat your home for pests now before you end up with a problem. Contact us today!

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