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Common Winter Pests in Moorpark, CA; Rats, Mice, Black & Brown Widow Spiders, Argentine Ants & More

Winter in sunny Southern California is relatively mild, keeping many insect and wildlife active. Insects and rodents are not shy about making your home their home during our short winter months when the temperatures are chillier, especially with the cold rain. Today, we at Ventura Pest Control would like to discuss the winter pests in Southern California.

Rat & Mice Rodents

Our mild weather makes survival and reproduction easy for rodents such as rats and mice. By any measure, rats are generally the most destructive and harmful mammalian pests in urban areas of Southern California. In many cities and suburbs, infestations are widespread due to ideal habitats and plentiful food sources including garbage, pet food and birdseed as well as garden fruits and vegetables. Worse than the physical damage rats cause and chewing on electrical wires that can start home fires, the most serious problem with rats is disease transmission to people and pets. Rats can carry and transmit illness such as leptospirosis and murine typhus as well as parasite transmission of fleas and mites. Multiplying very quickly, rats and mice cause health issues for you and your family through their urine and feces. Just breathing in rodent urine and fecal matter through vents can make you sick. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus poses a particular risk for pregnant women. Evidence of rats going in and out of an access point is the dark, greasy dark, greasy-looking areas next to a hole or gap.

Brown & Black Widow Spiders

With frequent infestations in and around Southern California homes, black widows are predominately found in the southern and western states though they are found across the whole United States. During Southern California’s winters, female black widows continue to be prevalent. Especially in the garage, and under wood piles; the black widow tends to hide in dark corners. Because our mild weather is lovely, black and brown widows are common year-round. Hiding underneath patio furniture, inside BBQ’s, and around playground equipment, the brown widows are notorious for taking refuge in late fall. She is usually protecting the cream-colored spiky egg sac and the brown widow female is easily identified by her orange hourglass. To keep widow spiders at bay, frequently sweeping and vacuuming is necessary. If you notice a lot of spiders, you likely have a lot of insects as that is their food source.

Argentine Ants

Ants in general are common throughout the summer, fall, winter, and spring in California. Being that there are many ant species in Southern California, the locals often feel like they are living on one big gigantic ant hill. Ants are a constant nuisance appearing in droves and invading homes on a daily basis in the heat of the summer. They’re running away from water when it starts to rain or looking, they’re looking for water and food, these ants prefer sweets in winter.

Pest Management

Though there are more, these are the most common pest Californians can expect. If you discover pests on your property or want preventative maintenance, call Ventura Pest Control and let our professionals do the rest.

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