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Are Spiders Dangerous to Have in Your Calabasas, CA House? Allergies, Spider Bites & More

When it comes to pests that people are most fearful of the eight legged spider is the one that will top the list. They are a pest that is used in movies and shows to create fear as well as a fixture in haunted houses and scary scenes. They get a bad rap but there are some great benefits that they add to the world. One benefit you can enjoy if you find them in your house is that they can and will eat the other pests that are in the home. They will catch a passing beetle or fly and have it for dinner leaving you with one less pest to deal with. They also are great in gardens for the same reason. Although they have some benefits there are a few reasons that it is best to keep them out of your house.

Ventura Pest Control Has Why Spiders Can Be Dangerous to Have in Your House

Spider Bites: One of the reasons that people don’t want to have spiders in their house is because they bite. The fact is that they do bite but the likelihood that they would seek out a person and bite them is not likely. They would rather get away and hide if at all possible. That does not mean they won’t bite though. They can get in your shoes or clothes and without you knowing you put that item on and then you have a bite from a spider. The great news is that if you are bitten by a spider that majority of them are not harmful to you. They do have venom but only a few have enough to really cause some damage. That is the black widow and more importantly the brown recluse.
Allergic Reaction to Spider Bites: One of the other problems that people have when they have pests in the house is when they cause allergies. If you are like many other people that have some form of allergies or asthma then you want to keep spiders out of your house. The web is the first problem. It will collect dirt and dust that will then get in the air. When this happens it can act as a trigger for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. The dead spiders are also a problem. As they start to die off they can leave their body parts behind that will get in the air as it dries out. This can be a huge trigger causing trouble with breathing in your home.
Spiders Cause Mental Health Problems: Just the simple fact that you have spiders in your house and you don’t know where they are hiding can cause stress. Stress is something that can be hard on you mentally making it hard to concentrate on other areas of your life. You want to make sure that you have your home treated for unwanted spiders to keep them out of the house. This will help you sleep better at night.

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