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Apartment Cockroach, Ant, Fly & Rodent Pest Infestation Control Tips in Santa Barbara, CA

Living in an apartment has its advantages. You don’t have to maintain a yard, the parking lot is maintained for you, and there are great amenities to enjoy. Multi-family housing units have been around for decades and they offer a nearly maintenance free lifestyle for people of all ages. Unfortunately, for anyone who has ever lived in an apartment, they know all too well the struggles that come with living so closely with other people. Bugs and rodents are all too common in multi-family dwellings, due to so many people living within tight quarters. If just one of your neighbors doesn’t keep up on their home well, everyone suffers. Ventura Pest Control knows the struggles you face keeping your home pest free all too well. Following is a list of the most common apartment pests we find on our routes.


Southern California is home to six species of roaches; German Cockroaches, American Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Brown-banded Cockroaches, Smoky Brown Cockroaches and Turkestan Cockroaches. These disgusting pests are very common in apartments and can prove to be a challenge to get rid of without professional help due to the high number of them that congregate in one area. They contaminate every surface they touch and breed very quickly.


Rodents congregate in areas where food is plentiful and water can be found. Southern California is home to rats and mice alike and we find both in apartment buildings we treat. Rodents are crafty and can gain entry to a dwelling by squeezing through tiny holes, or chewing through building material with their large front incisors. Rodents carry diseases, contaminate every surface they touch, damage electrical systems, insulation, HVAC components and nest in the walls and attics of homes. Early intervention is key in rodent infestations because these fast breeders will set up shop and prove difficult to get rid of on your own.


With Spring being less than a month away, ant colonies are about to become active yet again. Southern California is home to a variety of both indigenous and invasive ant species including Carpenter Ants, Argentine Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Thief Ants and more! Ants bite when threatened and invade in mass quantities. If you have an ant problem, remember you can’t just kill and remove the ants, you have to wipe down the trail they came in on to rid your home of the pheromones they leave behind to attract other ants to their location. You can do this with a vinegar/dish soap/ water mixture.


Flies are one of the World’s dirtiest pests. They spread food-borne illnesses and spend most of their lives in decaying organic matter. They frequent apartment buildings and are one pest you don’t want in your home.

Apartment Pest Management

The best defense in keeping your apartment pest free is to keep a clean and tidy home and to have regular pest control services done. Rodents and pests want to take the path of least resistance and a dirty home is a smorgasbord for these unwanted house guests. We here at Ventura Pest Control will not only treat for insects and rodents with each visit. We will inspect your apartment to identify entry/exit points and seal up any possible route pests may take to enter the structure. To schedule your pest assessment, give us a call. We’re glad to help!

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